You know it’s not just our bodies that need recharging. Most of us live busy lives being dragged from one activity to another and we forget that our bodies aren’t the only things to suffer. We try and get to bed early, eat the right food, take our vitamins and any number of other things designed to keep us healthy but that’s only part of the story. It’s often not until our mind start to play tricks on us that we realize we’ve neglected it. Things you would normally remember are completely forgotten, sensible, sound dreams suddenly become all too real nightmares, when someone isn’t where they’re supposed to be the worst scenarios flash through our mind when just days ago we wouldn’t have battered an eye. Straddling the fence between sanity and insanity has never seemed more real. Sure our lives are insane but not that insane. But how do we stop the slide? What do we do to recharge our minds? And what can we do to ward off that fence sitting?

For those of us that are readers we already have the answer. Dive between the pages of a good book and our minds relax as we take a journey of someone else’s making. We love, we laugh, we stress, we play, we do everything the characters in the book do from the safety of our chair. While resting our butt we’re resting our brain, taking a load off from our own reality to play in someone else’s. Who knows, we might even find ourselves in some far off exotic country seeing things we’ve never dreamed of seeing. Falling in love with a handsome millionaire, riding on the back of a bike with the town bad-boy, hooking up with the one that got away, the possibility are endless. Oh, and if the book you’re reading belongs to one of the Down Under Divas the orgasms are endless too. *grin*

So grab a cuppa, take a load off and prop up your feet, pick up a book and lean back. There, now doesn’t that feel better? If you need me I’ll be in the recliner next to you. I’m planning to forget all about dinner, the washing, the vacuuming and have myself a good long ride with a sexy cowboy. *wink*

Oh my. That’s one bad-boy cowboy that can take me on a ride any day.