How could I forget that I promised to post some gorgeous pics of gorgeous Eric Northman from True Blood.

Yes, it’s true. I have a mad, undying crush on Charlaine Harris’s Eric. And, I’m most proud to tell you, Lexxie Couper brought him back for me when she met Ms Harris at the RT Converntion last year.

Ok, so maybe she didn’t bring me back the real deal, but I now have a locket, with this photo of Eric, hanging beside my computer. And I know it’s really Eric, because Charlaine gave the locket to Lexxie.


Okay, okay, so this exquisite creature is not really Eric. His name is Alexander Skarsgard. But dear Lord. Is he not beautiful? Blond hair, blue eyes, tall, built. YUMMMO!

Ah, and then there’s this pic from Rolling Stone Magazine.

Okay, so Eric/Alexander is not alone, but Bill/Stephen Moyer looks mighty fine up there too. And Sookie/Anna Paquin is just damn lucky.

And that is my sharing time for the week. I’ve indulged my sweet tooth, posting Eric/Alexander pics here. But just so you know, you can look, but you cannot touch.

Eric is mine!