As a writer I know what happened before that first page but as a reader I some times wonder how characters got to where they are now and the story they’re in. This curiosity was part of the reason behind Coyote Run my latest Coyote Hunger release. You see I wrote a heap of scenes set long before the start of Coyote Home. I’ve got a file full of them. It took me a while to actually establish what Rowan and Quinn’s story was and with all those extra scenes I decided to offer readers some of what happened before…..

Prequel to the Coyote Hunger series.

Forced to make the heartwrenching decision to leave Whispering Mountains, Rowan Wilder isn’t about to go without securing her bond with Quinn MacClellan. Neither expected their first time to be on the forest floor or while running to escape a madman but when it comes to claiming their mate, nothing can stop the hunger from burning out of control and consuming them both.

Publisher’s Note: This is not a standalone story; it has a cliffhanger ending. The next book in the series, Coyote Home, is needed to reach a satisfactory conclusion.