I’ve had a good writing week this week, yoohoo! Unfortunately the improvement in my creativity comes at a cost. I get so distracted by the work I… ah… what’s the word? Oh yeah. I forget things.

I had a bath the other night, a rare treat. Candles, bubbles, the works. I even shaved my leg. No that’s not a typo. I shaved A LEG. I hop out of the bath all relaxed, start putting on moisturiser and realise I’ve completely forgotten my right leg. WTF? Okay so I was trying to work out the nuances of a menage a trois between two hot firemen and an English Lit. teacher but still. I’ve never neglected an entire leg before.

Next morning I come out of the house in the usual rush to get the kid to school to find I’ve not only left the car unlocked (we don’t have a lock up garage), but I’ve left the window down all night. Do they make a bumper sticker that says ‘yoo hoo car thieves, here I am’? Apparently the local rabble rousers are too snobbish to pinch a ’94 Daewoo Lanos with no CD player and a muffler that coughs up more smoke than an emphysema patient. I feel mildly slighted.

And last night we couldn’t find Cherub’s favourite dolly anywhere. Where is Ellie we all wondered? One of the kids has obviously  put her aside somewhere and forgotten where. Fortunately Cherub was satisfied with a book and her stuffed piggy. No harm done.

Expect perhaps to Ellie. She spent a lovely night in the Daewoo, neglected by, ahem, moi, who left her in there after a rushed trip to the shops to pick up hubby’s father’s day pressie from the kids. Hope she wasn’t too lonesome in there.

At least I didn’t leave the window down this time.