This week I came down with the dreaded flu, which has made me a little foggy brained and in grave need of medical attention. Oh okay, maybe I don’t SERIOUSLY need medical attention, but my condition got me thinking about hot doctors. I can’t help it, it’s the way my mind works :). So I thought I’d post a few pics of the guys we all wish would come take care of us when we need a little TLC.

George was hot hot HOT as ER’s Dr Ross, and he’s still got it.

I love a funny guy. I grew up watching Hawkeye and BJ deliver the wisecracks in between saving lives, and I had huge crushes on both of them. The trouble was I could never decide which one I wanted to marry…

I could not let this post go by without a picture of everyone’s recent favorite, McSteamy, McDreamy…. McDempsey? I thought I’d go for one of him out of his scrubs, but I’m not sure I like the crazy eyes. What’s that about? Hmm, still sexy though.

Sure he’s a doctor! He calls himself one anyway. A visit from my favorite Time Lord would see me right as rain in no time. He has the power to go back and forth in time, surely he must have the cure for the common flu! Surely!

Wishing you all good health, or alternatively an on-call doctor with a fantastic bedside manner.