Oh dirty minded people, I don’t mean what you think I mean. I’m talking about stories—what do you think is the perfect length?

Epublishing has opened up a whole new creative world for us writers. Once upon a time for those of us who write romance if you wanted to get a story published you had to stick to a certain word length. Category books around 50-60,000 words, or 200 pages. Single title, add between 25-50,000 words more than that. That was it, write to either of those specifications, or you don’t have a hope of being published.

Now, things are different. The advent of e reading technology has eliminated the constraints of printing and distributions costs, which made word length so integral to the design and manufacture of the ‘product’ that is a romance novel. Lower word limits have been slashed from 50,000 to 5,000, the minimim length of a publishable short story. Then there are novellas, category books, novels and plus sized novels. So many options that sometimes it’s hard for an author to know when to stop writing. Usually it’s when we run out of chocolate.

I’m curious to know what readers prefer in terms of length. Is price an issue when you choose to purchase a book, time constraints, or do you simply go for the story that you like the sound of regardless? Is an autobuy author an autobuy, no matter if the book is a short story or a plus sized saga?

And, how important is cover?

When the sun goes down...

Good things come to those who dare











Okay so that was a shameless excuse to put up my two favourite covers. These would make me look twice at the books because I love a hot man and a pretty sunset (no, I’m not biased). But Chasing Sunset, the novella, seems to be more popular than the follow up book (Sunset Knight will be relased as a print version next month by the way. Thought you’d like to know :)). Is that an issue of length.. . or is it just the whole menage a trois aspect. Hmmm. Yummo.

So tell me what you think, we at the divas always love comments (and posting pictures of half naked men, etc etc). Hope you have a great Thursday.