You know as much as the internet allows us to communicate with people all over the world in a second there’s one glitch that no nerd is able to fix. Time zones. *sigh* I had the opportunity to play with some fellow authors the other day but getting up at 2am to chat on a Monday morning just wasn’t on the cards. It’s like that a lot of the time. I usually start the party, finish the party or miss out all together.

The Tribe has also been the cause of frustration this week. They’re all sick! Coughing and sniffling around the house like it’s okay to share their germs. *shudder* I’ve been spraying the house and handing out meds like the best hospital staff. *grin* I’m thinking it’s about time we had a vote but knowing my luck I wouldn’t be the one voted off the island.

Both of the above have led to me suffering from my own illness. Tardiness. This malady has wrapped itself around my throat and won’t let go. Nothing I do seems to improve my condition and to be honest I’m tired of chasing my own tail. And if it’s not mine it’s one of the Tribes and I’m yelling and cursing about lack of care-factor/tidiness/manners etc. It’s all just a little overwhelming. Especially when Mr. Muse is on a roll.

And speaking of Mr. Muse, let me share a little Tuesday Teaser before I rush off to try and catch my tail. My latest wip (no title much to my distress) involves a younger man older woman dynamic that’s proving interesting to explore. Ryan is hot and he’s hot for Claire. *grin*


“You like that, Claire? Like that I have you on display? Like it when I tell you your cunt is wet for me?”

Claire shuddered at his words. The quake vibrated through her until she thought she might collapse in a puddle of want at his feet.

“Oh Claire I do believe we’ve found something that really gets you off.” He leaned over her, his clothed chest resting along her back. “Want me to tell you what I’m gonna do to you?” He nipped her ear.

“Ryan.” His name spilled from her lips on a plea.

He licked the shell of her ear, his breath hot on her skin. “I’m going to play with you, Claire. I’m going to use my fingers, my tongue, teeth, and I’m going to drive you wild until you scream for me.”