On Monday evening I wrote the final line of the third novella in the Three Of  A Kind Series, Full House.

Indeed, it was a wonderful moment. I’d somehow, miraculously, managed to get over  5000 words down in one day, and in achieving that remarkable (for me) word count, I was able to finish the book.

Or was I?

See, it’s never that simple. The next day I sat myself down in front of the computer and rewrote the damn book. Well, not the whole book, but I went through every scene meticulously and rewrote bits that simply weren’t up to scratch. Then I sent the book off to be critiqued, knowing full well when the manuscript comes back, I’ll be sitting myself down in front of my computer once again and rewriting parts of the book. (With thanx to Viv Arend.)

So, a few days to breathe until Viv returns the book, right? Uh uh. Wrong.

Too much other stuff needs to be done, including writing that dreaded synopsis! Or in this case, rewriting it. See, I’d already written it twice before, when I subbed a partial of the book to my editor. However, when I settled down to write the full book, the plot veered way off course, the characters got all stubborn and unpredictable, and what had once been a perfectly outlined story morphed into something else altogether.  And of course it bore no resemblance to the synopsis my editor has. So yep, I had to rewrite it.

In case you don’t know this about me (because I’m very quiet and tend not to vocalise my thoughts) (Snort) I hate writing synopses, and I SUCK at them.

But that’s not all. I still had to make up a blurb for the book. While I don’t mind them so much, I find myself struggling with this one. I’ve got the first half down, and I’m really liking it, but the second part is eluding me. I’ve rewritten it, oh, 137 times, and it’s just not working. Plus, the blurb comes attached to a tag line and a warning. The tag line was the first thing I wrote when I started the book, so I had no problem with that. The warning however is driving me nuts. This is as far as I’ve got with it:

Warning: Author driven half mad by synopsis writing. Displaying serious signs of psychotic breakdown. Do not approach and do not try and engage in conversation. Author is considered dangerous.

As for the blurb, well, it’s certainly gonna change in the not too distant future, but here’s what I have down so far. Waddya think?

Full House: The Blurb

A full house beats a pair any day

It’s been six weeks since Trev Greenfield’s casual lover, Max Ashberg left on his business trip. And in that time Trev’s realized two things: he’s crazy, head-over-heels in love with Max, and he’s falling, head-first, for his new housemate, Grace Miles.

Max never expected to miss Trev quite as much as he does. Nor did he expect to develop such strong feelings for the other man. Now all he needs to do is convince Trev they’d make a top pair. Max knows Trev’s looking for a housemate, and he’s about to suggest a perfect candidate: himself. But his plans are shattered when he discovers a woman—with the face of an angel—living in the room he’d tagged as his own.

Grace never meant to fall for her new housemate, but the chemistry between them is too powerful to ignore. And when the chemistry turns to live electricity in the midst of a power failure, there’s no denying the spark that flares between the two of them. There’s also no denying the shock when Grace comes face to face with a strange—and naked— man in her new home.

It’s up to Trev to convince Grace and Max that if they’re open to the most unlikely possibilities, the three of them could be very happy together.


So now it’s back to the grind for me. I need to polish up the blurb and find a warning, and I need to wait patiently for the critique. And then comes the hardest part of all, subbing it to my editor – and her very red, very active pen!

Next time when I joyfully announce, “I’ve finished the book,” ignore me. Because until I have that final copy, with edits complete and cover in hand, I am nowhere near “The End.”