I’m doing a chat at the Samhain Cafe in, oh, about half an hour’s time and I am just now organising what I’m going to say. Sigh. Anything could happen over there so if you’re curious, bored or just plain into chatting about books, head on over there for some fun at 9pm US eastern time (11am for Australians).

 I have a few excerpts of my books’ first kiss scenes to offer up, and with that theme in mind I thought I’d post a few pics of some of my favorite movie kiss scenes (because it’s just too hard to post scenes from books, ya know).

I went to see Four Weddings and a Funeral with hubby on our first date, so this one always has sentimental value to me. Plus there’s always a lot of drama inherent in a kiss in the rain.

Who doesn’t love a man in uniform? Especially the whites… yummo.

Had to wait until the sequel for it... talk about tension!

 We had to wait until the sequel for it. Talk about tension!

“You should be kissed and kissed often–by someone who knows how!” Well sure Rhett, shouldn’t we all be???

You don’t see a lot of upside down kisses these days, so this is always worthy of note. What is so sexy about a masked man anyway?

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