If you’re thinking I wrote this post today (Thursday), you’d be wrong.

Nope, I had to write it on Tuesday and set it to post on Thursday, because we’re off on holiday tomorrow, so I won’t be around to fulfill my weekly blog duty.

I’m really excited. We’re going to New Zealand for five days.

Yep, it’s quick, but we had a function in Auckland we couldn’t miss, and we figured we’d spread our time there out a bit, and go visit Rotorua.

Rotowhatta? I hear you saying. Don’t worry. I said that too.

It’s a city about 3 hours drive south of Auckland, famous for it’s hot, natural springs that arose as a result of its volcanic background. It’s home to boiling mud pools, crater lakes and sulphur vents.

Uh, yeah, I hesitated too at the mention of the word sulphur, but apparently the smell isn’t that bad, and the place is worth visiting even with the, er, aromatic backdrop.

Wanna see some pics?

Here you go:

(This is the city of Rotorua)

(One of the natural geysers)

(Bubbling mud pool)

(Ah, this pic. I added it coz that’s one of the activities we’re planning on doing there. Jet boating. Cool huh?)

Now, wanna know what I’m not looking so forward to? Two things:

1) Hubby thought it would be a good idea to leave Sydney as early as possible, to get in a full first day sight seeing. So he booked our flight to Auckland at 6.15am. Which means we have to be at the airport at 4.15am. With two kids. Grumpy-in-the-morning-type kids. Hellllooooooo? What was he thinking?

2) We’re going swimming in the hot springs. Yes, I’m looking forward to that. It’s putting on my cozzie (swimsuit, bathers, swimmers –  for the none Aussies/South Africans around) that is freaking me out. It’s been a long, food filled winter…

Ah, but I won’t complain. After all, how many of you get to your toes in hot springs in New Zealand tomorrow?

Forgive me if I don’t respond to any comments immediately. I’ll be on holiday.