Well color me excited.

And please, help me give Zina Lynch (Reader, Heatwaver and friend) a big hug for making me a part of FeverCon this year.

Yep, I was miles away, oceans away, in Australia, when FeverCon took place. But Zina (bless her) made sure I didn’t miss any of it. She and I both Love Karen Marie Moning, and when I heard Zina was going  to Fevercon, I may have expressed a little envy. (Okay, so I threw a hissy fit and bawled like a baby with jealousy, but let’s just skip that part.)

Then Zina made me even more envious (read: bloody freaking jealous) telling me Gena Showalter and Kresley Cole were going to be there too. Hello? Stick the knife in a little deeper why don’t you?

Three of my favorite authors, together in one room, and me, half a world away. Does not seem fair, does it?

So you can imagine my excitement, when yesterday I opened an email from Zina to find these pics attached. Ready for them? Here we go:

Yep, that is Karen Marie Moning, holding up a sign that says… Ahem…

“Hello Jess

Diva Down Under!”

Oh, and those two gorgeous ladies? Uh huh, Kresley Cole and Gena Showalter, holding up the sign. FOR ME!

This here is Zina (God love her) and KMM’s hubby, Neil Dover. He’s a singer and made the album Bloodrush. He’s also making an all new album for the release of Shadowfever.

(Did you notice his hat?)

This here is Phil Gegante. He’s an actor – and the voice behind many of KMM’s books. (Oh, and did you notice his hat? It’s there specially to look more Down Underish – just for me. :D)


Ahh, KMM’s inspiration for Jericho Barrons, actor Eric Etebari. Mmmm. Nice. And the riding crop in the first pic? Apparently he’s holding it up just for me. 😉

And this one, just to make me more jealous, Zina and fellow Fever fans at the conference.

Yep, I love all of these pics. And yes, it’s probably a good thing I wasn’t at FeverCon, coz in all likelihood, I would have become a feverish stalker of KMM, Gena and Kresley.

Zina – if you’re reading this: THANK YOU!!!