Was going to do a lot of things this weekend, including thinking up a really ingenious post for the Diva’s blog. Unfortunately, my back is playing up as it likes to do sometimes. Serious nerve pinching muscle spasms all day yesterday, which makes doing the school run and looking after a toddler mighty fun :(. Anyway, sitting at the computer is still extremely uncomfortable, so I’m going to do a lazy post with man pics. Well, everyone likes man pics, right? I’ve just started typing the second draft of my firefighter menage spectacular, so I thought I’d go with the theme and post the pics I’ve been using for inspiration.

What a way to cool off...


Save me! Save me!


Anyone for a shower?



Double trouble

I’m feeling very inspired to go write more now, despite being in agony. Better than painkillers, these guys 🙂

Have a great weekend!