Over the next few months I’m going to randomly open the Diva floor to a guest blogger. You’ll never know who it’ll be until Sunday night, but let me assure you, you’ll never be disappointed. To begin this fine new tradition, let me introduce Tez Miller.

I met Tez at the very first ARRC in Melbourne last year and since then have stalked her…err…befriended her online via Twitter, Facebook and Goodreads. She is an awesome Aussie (even if she’s a Melbournian *grin*) and she has an awesome blog where she writes some of the best (and wittiest) reviews I’ve read.

Please make her feel welcome.

Oh, and a little contest, just because. To tie in with Tez’s sci-fi(ish) theme, I’m going to give away a copy of the entire Lexxie Couper Spaceport ebook series (that’s FOUR books, boys and girls). All you gotta do is tell us (and Tez) who your favourite fictional romantic couple is and why. The winner will be announced twenty-four hours from now.

And now, on to Tez…

I’m not big on romance; I prefer it as a subplot at best. Yet I was asked to guest-blog here at Down Under Divas. Is there method to Lexxie Couper’s madness? 😉

Relationships in all their various forms are intriguing. Tension is the key to character interaction. You think once the book is over, the couple never has any issues? Not if they were real! Childcare, in-laws, crummy jobs, mortgages, broken-down cars, money troubles, addictions…

You actually like this, Tezzy? All this dread, despair, and depression? Well, I don’t like living it, but relationship problems make for more interesting fiction. Ladies and gentlemen, I’d like to introduce you to my favourite couple of all-time: Meet Futurama‘s Lurr and Ndnd, Rulers of the Planet Omicron Persei 8.

Whether they’re demanding the rest of a Single Female Lawyer episode, preparing to eat a human, or arguing about aphrodisiacs, this pair is always awesome, and it’s all down to their witty banter. In short, they’re bitchy to one another. They call each other out on their shiz. They don’t suppress their thoughts and emotions – they put ’em out there.

In my favourite episode, “Spanish Fry”, we learn that Lurr and Ndnd just don’t fancy each other anymore, though they try. Lurr even acquires what he’s heard is Human Horn, an aphrodisiac, until he’s informed of the lower horn. He’s all set to mutilate human lad Fry, who suggests our Omicronian overlords work on their issues first. Lurr doesn’t think there’s a problem, but his wife thinks he’s not as sweet as he used to be. Of course, Lurr claims he was never sweet…

The two are Happy for Now at the end of the episode, but the tension and bitching is the drawcard. You know shows where there’s a lot of sexual tension and it’s awesome, but once they actually get together viewers lose interest? Being happy just isn’t tense, isn’t conflicting.

So let your fictional couples fight after they’re supposedly HEA. I’m sure the Down Under Divas can come up with some sharp barbs for their characters – after all, there’s nothing more Aussie than sledging 😉 Unleash the bitch in fiction, and your stories will be better off for it. It would be un-Australian not to 😉

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