If you’re wondering, that is my new motto.

And it shall remain my motto for the next four months. Or as long as it takes me to lose all this excess weight I am carrying around with me.

I love the motto. Descriptive isn’t it?

Man, I love food. Everything about it. I love biting into something and the flavor explodes on my tongue, and fills my mouth, and all I can think is…


Which kinda explains why I now have to do some serious dieting. So I have begun the arduous journey. Two Saturdays ago, I started Lite n Easy. Know what that is? It’s the easiest way to diet. You get a week’s worth of food – breakfast, lunch, dinner and all your snacks –  delivered to your front door. All you need to do is open it, warm it and eat it

Easy as.

Well, until you’ve been on it for a week, and then you start to think about all the other food available out there.

The roast lamb that the rest of the family is eating. The chocolate that you can’t even look at for fear of diving on it. The ice cream that’s sitting in your freezer, softly singing, “Eat me, eat me. Please, eat me.” Even the fruit cake, that ordinarily you would never have touched with a ten foot pole, starts to look incredibly appetizing.

Uh, if you’re wondering, I’m at that point now. And I swear, I never knew ice cream could sing so sweetly.

But I shall persevere. I shall put cravings aside and stick humbly to my Lite ‘n Easy. Because summer is upon us, and I would like to take my kids to the beach. I would like to run through the waves with them and not be mistaken for a whale beaching itself. (Okay, it’s bad, but not that bad yet.)

So please, wish me luck as I venture forth on this journey. Hopefully, when I see you on the other side, it’ll be a lighter, healthier, happier Jess.


Ah, and one more thing…

No, it has nothing to do with dieting. This is all writing related. I received my cover for Winter Fire yesterday – my novella from the Red Hot Winter Anthology. (Lexxie Couper also has a novella in the antho, called Triple Dare. She also recieved her cover, and it is just as stunning as mine. Alas, she is away now, and I have no access to her cover, so can only post mine.) What do you think?

I know. It’s GORGEOUS!!!