Okay, I confess. My need for December and January to arrive has absolutely nothing to do with holidays.

Yes, we get at least six weeks of them here in Sydney. Six weeks with no school. Not a day. Not even one hour of school. Six weeks with children at home all of that time. Of course I’m not looking forward to the holidays.

BUT… it just so happens, December and January are bumper months for me writing wise. I’m talking huge!!! And I cannot wait.

(I have to keep pausing while writing this blog to happy dance around my office.)

So, wanna know what’ s on the calendar?

*Rubbing hands together*

I hope so, coz I wanna tell you!

7th of December

So in case you haven’t noticed from my 16 000 other blogs about this fact, Raising The Stakes, the sequel to Going All, and Book two in the Three of a Kind Series, releases at Samhain on the 7th of December!

“Raising the Stakes” by Jess Dee

Play out the hand her way…or fold?

Three of a Kind, Book 2

After four years, Megan Loxley has given up waiting for her best friend, Desmond Reed, to realize she loves him. It’s time to move on. When Des introduces her to his poker buddy, Alex Truman, the instantaneous sparks that flare between them signal her life is about to change forever.

Des could kick himself. How could he have failed to notice the perfect woman was by his side all this time? Now it’s too damn late. And her innocent prodding about why he’s suddenly so distant is only making his hunger for her worse. Then she gets one step too close—and his self-restraint snaps.

Stunned, bewildered, furious, Meg can’t help but respond to the kisses for which she waited so long. God help her, she loves Des. And Alex, too. Immeasurably. Now what?

It may make her the greediest woman alive, but she’s determined to win the next hand— even if she has to change the game a little. First step: state her wildly sexy proposition in a language both men will understand…and hope they’ll stick around and play by her rules.

Warning: If you’re looking for a cool game of poker, you won’t find it here. This novella is so hot the cards are still smoking. The heroine may be new to the game, but she knows exactly how to play her two kings.

15th of December

Oh, my God. I so wanna tell you about the good news on this day. I’m just about busting from it. But if I do, my editor will be forced to kill me. So, please, just keep watching this space. I promise, on the 15th of Dec, I will shout it from the rooftops. And I promise – you will be thrilled. Because this one is all for you. The reader!


4th of January

It’s not every day an author has a double release. So you can well imagine I am stoked by my good fortune! I have not one, but two books coming out on this fabulous Tuesday. Man, what a way to welcome in the new year.

Book One:

Yep, you’ve heard talk of this one. It’s my novella from the Red Hot Winter Anthology, releasing at Samhain: Winter Fire. And, I’ve just received the official blurb, so you HAVE to read it. 😉

“Winter Fire” by Jess Dee

Guilty pleasures can heat the coldest winter night…

A Red Hot Winter story.

There’s never been any question in Rachel Ashberg’s mind. Jackson Brooks is the one, and they both know it. The problem? Thanks to his unbreakable rule—never date his twin sister’s friends—he’s completely off-limits. Even if they can’t imagine being with anyone else.

It’s been over two years since their last encounter, when they gave in—just once—to their passion. Now, as the Brooks twins’ milestone birthday approaches, Rachel and Jackson are about to meet again at a gorgeous mountain resort. Needing something to take the edge off the desire that has never faded, she indulges in a fling with sexy stranger Garreth Halt. He even makes her forget Jackson for a while. Or…maybe not.

When she mentions Jackson’s name in passing, Garreth picks up on all the hidden undertones in her voice. And he brings Jackson into their bed, if only in a fantasy they play out together. Funny thing about Garreth’s fantasies, though. Even the most improbable, impossible ones have a way of becoming reality…

Warning: Enough heat is contained within these pages that you won’t even notice the winter cold. You might fall in love with Jackson—the real-life hero, determined to protect his sister from further pain—but it’s the handsome stranger, Garreth, who’ll take your breath away.

Oh, and if my release isn’t exciting on it’s own, Lexxie Couper, my fellow Diva, gets to release her Red Hot Winter Antho novella as well, Triple Dare.

(And yes, you can drool over the GORGEOUS covers!)

“Triple Dare” by Lexxie Couper

Two men, one woman, one momentous dare.

A Red Hot Winter story.

Serious and determined, Joseph Hudson isn’t Australia’s businessman of the year for nothing. So now he’s asking himself, how did he get lost on the side of a mountain in the Colorado Rockies—in the middle of winter—with night fast approaching? Three simple words. I dare you.

Fear isn’t in Rob Thorton’s vocabulary. Life is for the taking, and Rob uses both hands. Challenging his best mate to take an impromptu snowboarding trip to the U.S. is just the latest in a lifetime of dares. Besides, he has an ulterior motive for the trip. And a plan…

Park Ranger Anna McCarthy knows what trouble looks like, and it’s written all over the two Aussies she first encounters in the ski lodge. Instinct has her following them onto the mountain, and sure enough, they end up needing her winter survival expertise. But not even her skills can stop her body from responding to the sexy muscles she finds beneath their ski suits.

Stuck in a remote cabin until the storm passes, the temperatures rise until all bets are off. And a double dare turns into a triple threat—to their hearts.

Warning: Contains lots of scorching boy on girl on boy action, a heroine who knows what she wants and two sexy-arsed Australian heroes to really work up a sweat over. Oh, and a soul-deep love story with a revelation that may make you cry.

But wait, there’s more.

My other release on that day!

It’s a print book, called Risking It All.

“Risking It All” by Jess Dee

(A Print Anthology of A Question of Love and Going All In)

When it comes to love, it’s a safe bet you’ll lose your heart.

A Question of Love:

Four years ago Gabe Carter left Tina Jenkins as a matter of honor, destroying the passionate threesome they’d both enjoyed with Gabe’s best friend, Connor. Now Gabe’s back, armed with promises of love and forever. Picking up where they left off is tempting, but Tina wants the whole package—which includes Connor—and Gabe wants her all to himself. It’s up to Gabe to prove that he is the only man Tina will ever need.

Going All In:

Julia Savage’s weekly poker games are not the only thing she’s betting on. She’s also gambling on the love of two men. Hunter Miles and Jay Baxter are happy to double up and share both Julia’s affection and her body, but their attraction to each other may threaten the budding relationship between all three of them. Now it’s decision time: all or nothing?

Are you ready for a combination game this hot? Double up for a taste of the edgy world of Jess Dee.

I’m sorry. I know this blog is utterly self indulgent. But please, just for this once, will you allow me the treat?

I feel like Christmas is coming FIVE TIMES this holiday!

Here’s to lots of exciting presents.

(And yeah. Just wait for Dec the 15th. You’ll think Christmas has come early too.)