It’s funny we’re giving away a firefighters’ calendar here at the divas, because lately I seem to be surrounded by them. Not calendars, firemen.

He he he.

When Lexxie first mentioned the idea of giving away one of these hot calendars as a prize, I thought great! I’ve just started writing an erotic romance featuring not one but two Aussie firefighters. It was a fluke, not some grand promotional plan, but it does tie in nicely with what I’m writing.

And another thing—I have one of the 2011 firefighter calendars myself. My hubby, who’s apparently more open minded than I ever thought went away a couple of months back. While he was out at a shopping centre he saw they were selling the calendars and he thought I’d like one. They were even signing them, so he lined up with the mostly female queue to get a lovely guy named Rick to sign mine. I chuckle every time I think about Rick glancing up at my hubby and asking, “Ah… who do I make it out to mate?”

Hubby was very quick to assure him he should make it out to his wife. I wonder if Rick believed him.

Anyway, what I thought I’d do is give you a very brief introduction to my two fictional but-oh-how-we-wish-they-weren’t Aussie firefighters, Corey and Griff. I’m a little bit in love with both these blokes, so I’m really hoping this book is accepted so you can all meet and fall in love with them too. Here’s a couple of teasers for you:


 “Vibe is the hottest club in the Valley right now. We’re going to have the best time.”

 It was pretty clear from the tone of her voice that the club wasn’t the only thing offering a good time. It would be easy enough to take Maddison up on it, but the girl creeped Corey out. He kept getting the feeling if he went home with her he’d wake up naked, tied to a bed and minus the one credit card he owned.

Then there’s Griff (who seems to be a lot less fussy when it comes to women:)):

Maddison finally gave up and left. Corey’s sigh of relief was audible and beside him, Dale Griffin—nobody ever called him Dale, only Griff—laughed. “Chicken shit.”

            “She isn’t my type.”

            Griff remarked with a lopsided smile, “With an ass like that she doesn’t need to be.”

put them together and things get a little steamy for our intrepid heroine, Erica:

“What are you saying? That it’s okay that Griff and I… that any time I want either of you…”

She stood up in front of high-spirited teenagers on a daily basis using nothing but her words to grab their attention, but now Erica could not finish a sentence.

“I guess that’s what I’m saying.” The soft promise in his words ignited every sexual spark capable of being set alight inside her. “Anytime, Erica. You can have either of us… Or both.”

Well that’s a hell of an offer :). Now I have to go and finish this darned book. Sooooo close to the end. Have a good weekend all! — Sami