Thought I’d offer up something quick from my latest sooper-seekrit wip! But ssshhhhhh……don’t tell Lexxie I showed you. *grin*


His hand continued to caress her stomach, moving ever closer to the juncture of her thighs and the sweet heat waiting within. He slid his fingers beneath the elastic waist of her undies and tugged. She raised her hips and Grant grabbed a firmer hold and pulled the lace confection from her. Without letting go of her nipple he turned his head to see Dayne’s hand on the other side of her underwear and together they removed the garment from their ultimate prize. The scent of her cream floated up to meet him. Her legs lay slightly parted, her trimmed public hair glistening with the evidence of her need.

Grant needed to taste her. Her nipple popped free of his mouth and he trailed kisses down her stomach until he reach the red hair covering her sex. He nuzzled her hip bone, the crease where thigh met torso. She writhed below him and he pushed on further, his tongue licking out to sample her essence. The slick liquid coated her sex and the top of her thighs. Sugar and spice and all things nice. The silly nursery rhyme played in his head but he had to agree. She was all sweet and tangy on his tongue.

He groaned. “You have to taste her Dayne.” His tongue probed deeper. “God she tastes amazing.”

Dayne joined him and Grant moved back to allow his friend a taste. He watch in avid fascination as his mate began to eat at Miki’s pussy. Grant shifted on the bed, grabbing her knee he pulled her legs wide and slid between them. Dayne still leaned over her side lapping at the cream spilling from her cunt. Reaching up, he thrust two fingers into her channel as Dayne sucked on her clit. She went off like a firecracker. Her orgasm taking them all by surprise.


How’s that for teasing?