Samhain is celebrating it’s FIFTH birthday this weekend. If you’re a member of the Samhain Café, you’ll want to pop in sometime over the weekend to say hello to your favorite authors and other like minded readers. There’s also a chance to win a KINDLE, so it’s well worth the tour.

I received my first publishing contract with Samhain in 2006, when the company had only been open a year. Not many people had heard of then but that’s all changed! They’ve been an awesome publishing house. So to help them celebrate this fabulous milestone, I decided to look up some fun facts about birthdays. I was going to do five, but, well, I got distracted by the first one and everything derailed from there.

1. Apparently there are many benefits for men if they sleep in their birthday suit, such a deeper sleep cycles, improved fertility and increased sexual desire/contact between couples in relationships. What do you think?

Those guys haven’t quite got it. The research says BIRTHDAY suits guys. You’re wearing just a little too much.

Ah, that’s better.

What was the topic again? Oh yeah, Happy Birthday (suit) to Samhain Publishing!