divagate \DAHY-vuh-geyt\, verb:

1. To wander; stray.
2. To digress in speech.

I thought it must have meant a scandal involving the divas (wink).

I love my word of the day emails, although the vast majority of them I receive are flat out ridiculous words I would never use in a million years. i.e. consanguineous \kon-san(g)-GWIN-ee-us\, adjective:Of the same blood; related by birth; descended from the same parent or ancestor. Next time I go to write something like “Man, you’re like a brother to me.” I could instead go with “Our bond is consanguineous.” Yeah, I can see that working.

Or then there’s nympholepsy \NIM-fuh-lep-see\, noun: 1. A frenzy of emotion, as for something unattainable. 2. An ecstasy supposed by the ancients to be inspired by nymphs. How could a word like nympholepsy not have a satisfyingly dirty meaning? I suppose I could use it. Jane went into a nympholeptic fit when she saw the hunk across the room, she wanted him so bad. Seeing Daniel Craig in his tight blue swim trunks sends me into a state of nympholepsy. Actually I quite like that :).

But divagate, that’s a bit more useful. For instance I am currently at a point in ms rewrites where I am divagating a lot. Following little paths I never intended to follow initially, but which now prove too tempting to resist. I have to keep stopping to remind myself I might not need that bit. I’m supposed to be cutting, not adding. But revisions are fraught with dangers such as this—the realisation that the quick edit of chapter 2 will inevitably become a complete revision involving POV changes, which in turn leads to the realisation that draft 3 (or is it 4 or 5?) will take a lot longer to work through than originally thought. Sigh.

With kids in a frenzy due to being stuck indoors (yes sunny Queensland is blanketed by rain AGAIN this weekend), I’m beginning to feel somewhat perturbed that this opus of mine won’t reach it’s ultimate locus before the eve of yuletide, which was my most fervent aspiration.  Protracted exhalation.

Have a transcendent weekend all.



Who’s on fire?!


Things have been a little hot for us Divas in the last week but never fear our trusty Aussie firemen have come to the rescue and things have cooled down enough for me to announce the winner of our Aussie Education contest. I’m sure you’re all anxious to know who’s on fire and needs some sexy Aussie firemen to um…hose them down. *grin*

Kitty Kelly

Kelly if you can email me rhiancahillATyahooDOTcom we’ll organize getting you your prizes.

A quick tease


Yep, a very quick tease. Just a couple of paragraphs in fact. But I thought I’d tempt you with this scorching hot, X-rated excerpt from Raising The Stakes.

You ready?

Er, a quick warning… If you are not eighteen, close this window and step away from the computer. Got it?


(A quick, dirty little excerpt)

Alex flicked a finger—or thumb, who knew?—over her clit, soothing her.

It didn’t soothe, it inflamed. Dear God, she was so close. So close, and she didn’t want to come like this. Not on his fingers. But the ache, the exquisite agony, Lord, she just wanted to give in to it.

“Please, Al,” she begged, sobs building in her chest. “Not your hand. Don’t want your hand.”

His hand stilled, his fingers wedged deep in her ass. “You want my cock, baby?”

“God, yes,” she exclaimed.

Above her mouth Des’s balls tightened further. He pumped his shaft faster.

“Y-yours too,” she wheezed, and licked Des so he’d know she spoke to him.

“Al?” It was Des who spoke now. He stretched over and passed something to Alex. A condom.

She was forced to wait, her patience running low, as the men sheathed themselves.

How freaking long did it take to put on a condom or two? An hour?

Alex took longer than Des, probably because he’d taken his sweet time extracting his fingers from her butt. He laughed softly at her. “Impatient much?”

“Done yet?” she snapped back.

“Almost.” He made a show of rolling the condom over his shaft very slowly, knowing she’d react somehow.

She did react.

She flung herself on top of Des, using her weight to push him backwards. He landed with a chuckle. “Lucky I work faster than Alex.”

She straddled him. “Is your condom on?” Her patience had run out.

His laughter died, but his eyes gleamed. Not with humor, with something else. Something that made her heart soar. “It’s on.”

“Thank fucking God.” She grabbed the base of his penis, steadied it and lowered her pussy onto it. Onto his thick, hard cock, exalting in every inch that slid inside her.

Their cries intermingled, gratification echoing off the bedroom walls.



Raising The Stakes releases at Samhain on TUESDAY!!!!!!!!!!


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