The most disturbing thing happened to me the other night. I had a celebrity sex-dream. Now I’m not going to tell you who the celebrity was, but suffice to say, it got me thinking about my Sexy or Not list and who I left off it. So, lets visit a few of them, shall we…

1/Data I’m not sure what it is about this sentient android that does it for me. Is is the total control and unflappable calm? Is it the positronic brain? Or the evocative way he gasped when the Borg Queen grafted human skin to his mechanical structure? The way he constantly strives to understand humanity? Or maybe its the knowledge he can keep going and going and is “programmed in all forms of pleasuring”?

2/ Gru You know what they say about a man’s nose in relation to his, err…appendage? Take a look at that nose. Here’s a master villain who starts off his story as selfish as they come and, despite the tormented hardness of his heart, learns to love via three small girls. How can you not find a man sexy who will not only punch a shark to save his adopted daughters, but give up the moon to have them returned safe to him. And again, take a look at that nose…

3/ Blackadder Arrogant. Conceited. Self-serving. Smug. Malicious. Manipulative. Let’s face it, Edmund Blackadder isn’t your typical sexual fantasy. But there’s something about his witty intelligence that makes me go all squirmy inside. His pillow talk would be full of sarcastic bite and his cod-piece full of…well, I’l leave that to your imagination.

4/ Dr Sheldon Cooper The Caltech theoretical physicist is uptight, exhibits OCD tendencies, a complete lack of humility, has an ego the size of Australia and shows absolutely zero intersest in sex. But seriously, image if he did. Everything he does in his life he does with 110% determination to be the best on the planet. Now, imagine that bombastic determination in bed.

5/ Murdock It’s his raving, maniacal lunacy that does it for me. And the sparkle in his eyes. That sparkle is, well, insane. And who could resist a man who sings “Smash ’em, thrash ’em, thrown ’em on the floor. Rock ’em, sock ’em, knock ’em in the jaw” while pilotting an out-of-control helicopter? That’s talent.

So, there we have another five Sexy Or Nots. Feel free to share your own. If it helps, we can always call it therapy? 🙂