Just over a year ago, two of my novellas released in quick succession as e-books at Samhain:

A Question of Love and Going All In.

Now I am seriously delighted to tell you those same two novella are available in one tempting package, a print book called Risking It All.


When it comes to love, it’s a safe bet you’ll lose your heart.

A Question of Love:
Four years ago Gabe Carter left Tina Jenkins as a matter of honor, destroying the passionate threesome they’d both enjoyed with Gabe’s best friend, Connor. Now Gabe’s back, armed with promises of love and forever. Picking up where they left off is tempting, but Tina wants the whole package—which includes Connor—and Gabe wants her all to himself. It’s up to Gabe to prove that he is the only man Tina will ever need.

Going All In:
Julia Savage’s weekly poker games are not the only thing she’s betting on. She’s also gambling on the love of two men. Hunter Miles and Jay Baxter are happy to double up and share both Julia’s affection and her body, but their attraction to each other may threaten the budding relationship between all three of them. Now it’s decision time: all or nothing?

Are you ready for a combination game this hot? Double up for a taste of the edgy world of Jess Dee.

Warning: These novellas contain a whole lot of hunky heroes, heroines worth betting on, sizzling hot m/f love scenes, even hotter three-way action (m/f/m and m/m/f), adult toys, anal sex…and romance that will leave your heart pounding.

Quick Excerpts from the two novellas:

(And if you’ve been over at my blog or International Heat, nope, these aren’t the same excerpts. They’re different!)

A Question of Love:

Gabe sat frozen, his heart thundering.

Seconds later she was back, her arms full. “Use them,” she ordered as she dumped the load in front of him. “Any of them. All of them. Don’t care which. Just…use them.”

Gabe stared at the cache. While his chest burned with pain, his aching cock stood further at attention. Oh, Jesus. Jesus, fuck. For just a second he saw stars.

He grabbed the vibe closest to him and wrapped his hands around it, imagined fitting it between her legs, slipping it into her wet, hot pussy, and he swallowed.

“Can’t do it, T.” The words were wrenched from his mouth. “Just not…strong enough.” Not when she wanted Connor there with them.

She gawked at him, horrified.

Gabe clenched the vibe tighter, resting the base on the sketch of himself and Connor. “Want you to myself. Won’t share you again.” He’d have to have steel running through his veins and his heart to share her again.

The horror left her face, replaced by determination—and desire. She cleared her throat. “Make love to me, G.”

Gabe ground his teeth together and fought back the impulse to dive on her. He shook his head. “Can’t do it, T. Not when you want Connor too.”

Her lips curved into a shameless smile. A dangerous smile. Her eyes gleamed with… Oh, fuck, with a carnal thirst. “Then don’t move,” she whispered. “Not even one inch.”

As if he could. His limbs were frozen in despair, his cock hard as the devil.

With that warning, she began to strip away her clothes. Slowly, sensually, one garment at a time. First, she kicked off her shoes and then she pulled her T-shirt over her head. Her singlet followed, leaving her luscious breasts framed in a white lace bra.

Gabe stared, heat washing through his stomach.

She shrugged off her jeans, twisting her hips this way then that to get them down her legs.

He sat motionless, breathless, until her pants hit the floor. Then he dragged in a harsh breath. Not two meters away, Tina stood in her underwear, her tiny thong matching her bra. Through the lace he could see a small, darkened patch—a tiny triangle of trimmed hair.

Oh crap. Shit, fuck and shit again. Never mind blue balls. He was gonna have no balls. They’d explode if she took one more item of clothing off.

She lost her bra.

A hollow cry filled the room, and Gabe realized it was his. This was the ultimate torture, knowing she performed her little act to seduce him, so he could satisfy the lust she had for him—and his best friend.

Her thong landed beside his foot, and she stood butt naked before him.

He closed his eyes and counted to ten, then twenty. He would have counted to a thousand if she let him.

“Open your eyes, Gabe,” she demanded.

Going All In:

It took a few seconds for Hunter to answer. “I-I’ve never considered making love to a man before you.” His voice was raw with emotion.

Goosebumps broke out on Julia’s skin. Hunter hadn’t spoken about fucking or sex. He’d used the words making love, and Julia was pretty sure they were a deliberate choice.

Jay did not have a quick comeback or a cheeky grin. He simply stared at Hunter. Julia couldn’t let Hunter’s statement pass unacknowledged, nor could she let him carry the load of the conversation. It was too heavy for a man with such a tortured past.

“Have you ever made love to another man, Jay?” she asked.

Jay shook his head. “No.” His voice was husky. “I…I’ve been with other men, but…” He looked up at Hunter. “But it was never about love.”

Julia’s breath caught in her throat.

Hunter stumbled backwards until he found the other couch and collapsed into it. “Jay…”

“Blame Jules,” he told Hunter, his voice still not quite normal. “It’s her fault. I watched her watching you for four months.”

“You watched me?” Julia blustered. “But…but that would mean you knew I had the hots for Hunter.”

“Of course I knew.” Jay stroked her clit again, making her moan from the exquisite sensations. “You drooled every time you looked at him.”

“She drooled when she looked at you, Jay,” Hunter corrected. His voice was deep and sexy. “It made me jealous as hell.”

So much for her brilliant bluffing technique. She bent her knee to allow Jay better access. “I drooled over both of you. A lot.” She still did. “What’s your point, Jay?”

He drew his finger through her slick folds. “It made me wonder what you saw when you looked at Hunter,” Jay said, his gaze focused between Julia’s legs. “So I started watching him too.” He shrugged and color rose in his cheeks. “Now I know,” he whispered.

“I saw a man I fell in love with a little more every day. A man I desperately wanted to make love with,” Julia told Jay. Her voice was lower than usual. Arousal made it difficult to talk.

Jay’s smile was shy. He turned to look at Hunter. “That’s pretty much what I saw.”

Hunter didn’t answer. At all. In fact the silence stretched out for so long, Julia began to get edgy. “It’s too quiet,” she said. “Why haven’t you said anything, Blondie?”

It was Jay who answered. “Sometimes words aren’t necessary.”


Risking It All is available now from MBaM.

You can also order it from any of your favorite bookstores, including Amazon and Borders