Down Under Divas would like to ask for your good thoughts and prayers. For those Aussie’s following the blog you’ll already know about the natural disaster currently unfolding in Queensland and New South Wales. Our own Diva Sami is in the danger zone and while she and her family are safe at the moment this devastating flood has already proven to be unpredictable. Towns are cut off and whole towns have even been washed away. People are dead and missing. And the worst doesn’t appear to be over. Earlier today CBD of Brisbane was evacuated as the Brisbane river continues to rise. If you live near the affected area but are on high ground please offer any assistance you can to those forced to leave their homes. For those wanting to make a monetary donation to the flood relief this website gives all the information you need –

Pictures and video are all over the net and most Aussie news networks are now broadcasting worldwide. Those of us not affect sit feeling helpless in the face of something we have no control over.

For everyone one caught up in this horrible act of nature I wish you safety above all else. And please, please remember, things can and will be replaced, people can’t. Take care of those around you.

Rhian, Lexxie, Jess & Sami