So, ready for the third installment? I think there’s some on this list that will really make you think…

1/ Professor Snape. Such a dark, tormented, conflicted man. Such a dark, flowing wardrobe. Such a pasty complexion, and yet, there’s something about him that seems wickedly arousing. Is it the smug arrogance? Is it the rebellion against all that is good? Is it the undeniable itch that beneath all that sneering malevolence, his heart really is made of gold? Or is it his talented, long, hard…cane?

2/ Ron Weasley. Another Potter personality. Ron is asigned to the best-friend/side-kick to Harry’s Chosen One hero, but honestly, wouldn’t you rather have Ron? Remember when he sacrificed himself to save Harry’s life on the life-size chess board? I was a goner for Ron there and then. So what if he’s a Ranga (or Ginge, if you’re from the UK)? Just makes him all the more fiery and spicey.

3/ Detective Robert Goren. Yeah, so he’s a little twitchy. And a little, quirky. And he seems to know exactly what you’re thinking when you’re thinking it. And likes to stand at a sidewards 90 degree angle. And has some seriously messed-up back story…but damn, think of that freaky profiling talent put to use in the bedroom. And he’s so damn intense!!

4/ Dexter Morgan. A souless serial killer with a heart of gold? Who will only butcher those who deserve it? I have no idea why, but Dexter is a sexy sod. And he has a killer smirk…

5/ Shaun. Unless you’ve seen Shaun of the Dead, it’s probably pointless me trying to explain this one. Take my advice…go watch Shaun of the Dead right now and then come back and tell me he’s not sexy. And don’t forget to bring your cricket bat when you do.


So, there we go. I know I still owe Jess a ‘Jess Dee Edition of Sexy or Not’. Stay tuned for that one next Monday. As for Part III, what did you think?