Goal: finish manuscript for tentatively titled Erica’s Choice and have ready for critique.

Monday: Princess’s first day of grade one—settle Princess in, sort out dilemma of desire to wear pretty hairband with bow on top and requirement to don sun protective hat, find her a desk which was close to good friend but not quite close enough, meet teacher (who’s looking rather frazzled, perhaps questioning her career choice, having already forgotten about the wonderful summer holidays that are now behind her). Go to work. Late.

Tuesday: Working mum facade firmly in place. Drop kids off at daycare, meet new carers, rush to work (but not too fast: recent speeding fine has me driving like that guy who drove Miss Daisy). Arrive late to work. Again. Skip lunch break so I can leave early to do required shopping for Australia Day BBQ.

Wednesday: Bright sunny day—yay! House cleaning, food prep etc. BBQ goes off without a hitch, thank goodness. Crash into bed, exhausted.

Thursday: Pest control guys come to deal with the termites in our yard and put in a barrier to ensure the little nasties don’t decide to move into the house. Drilling sounds on and off all day, chemical spraying etc. Paid a wad of cash and said goodbye to another day with no words down.

Friday: Overnight Princess has had a temperature. Played nurse all day, and tried to keep the Cherub from jumping on Princess’s sore stomach.

Saturday: I have no groceries, and have to buy a birthday present for 3 year old’s party on Sunday. So dash off to the shops. Take Cherub to alleviate her cabin fever and satisfy her need for one on one attention. Wish I could take valium to soften the impact of her shopping centre rampages. Doughnuts will have to do (for both of us)

Sunday: Here I am, blogging much later than my scheduled time, having spent the week running without getting anywhere, trying to find a doctor open on a Sunday because Princess’s fever is still hanging around and now I’m starting to worry (I should say worry more). I’m also wondering where my lovely week of writing has gone.

Total words must be somewhere around 1,500. I’m not sure, I don’t have time to work it out.

Maybe I’ll finish the ms next week, but I’m not holding my breath.

Sami (who’s decided when/if this book comes out it will be promoted as the ‘long awaited’ new release from barely hanging by a thread author :))