A couple weeks ago I was asked what inspires my stories, and I didn’t really have an answer. But it did get me to thinking about that.

What does inspire me when I write? The answer? Lots of different things. Fellow authors and colleagues kicking my butt is one. Reading books by authors I love.  Music.  Life experience. Only Tyler and Steve’s Story were written because of my work as a genetic counsellor and a godawful (altho unrelated) disease my father suffered from. And then sometimes inspiration hits in the most weird of ways.

Take Raising the Stakes for example. Know where I found the inspiration to write that book? From the TV program Lost.  I never really watched Lost, until I happened to be standing in the TV room when Juliet died. From that instant on I was hooked. All I wanted was for Juliet and Sawyer to get back together. The finale of Lost aired the day I began writing Raising the Stakes, and along with it, the scene I had been waiting to see the entire season. The scene that motivated me to write the whole damn book. I know, it has nothing whatsoever to do with the book, but here it is:

The next inspiration struck in the form of a song I’d never heard before by a band I’d never heard before. I listened to it once while writing Raising, and boom, there was the idea for Winter Fire. The band? Lady Antebellum. The song? Need You Now.

And then there are things that strike me as perfect for a book I’ve already written. I discovered Jason Mraz years after writing Photo Opportunity. But damn, every time I hear him sing, I know his music would be the perfect soundtrack for the book. I’d imagine this song, If It Kills Me, playing in the middle:

And this duet of Lucky, with Colbie Caillat would be perfect for the end:

Not too long ago, I heard a song that I wished I’d known before I wrote Going All In. Because, damn, I swear the song was written for it. Have a listen to All In by Lifehouse.

Now, when I wrote Ask Adam I wrote a hero completely out of my depth. A dark, tortured alpha male, who was to be honest, a bit of an arrogant shit. Bet my inspiration for Adam will surprise the heck out of you. See, once I began writing the book, Adam fully became Colin Firth’s Mr Darcy. But is was after seeing The Wiggles live in concert, and falling totally in love with Captain Feathersword, that Adam was born.

(Nah, it’s not completely out of context. The Wiggles and the Captain are all about kids. Shortly after I saw them in concert, I saw a whole article about them at a Children’s Hospital, entertaining the kids there. Funnily enough, Adam is also all about children. And even though he’s an arrogant shit, he donates an obscene amount of money to the Children’s hospital.)

Oh, and just so you know what Adam looks like now (with blue eyes tho…):

And on that high note (because, damn, Colin Firth’s Mr Darcy does give you a big high), I will leave you with my inspiration for writing my next book. It’s my all new cover for my April release, the third book in the Three of A Kind series – Full House: