Yeah, yeah.

I know my posts are getting lazy.

Pics instead of words.

But sometimes those pics are worth a million words.

Go on. Have a look. And then tell me you don’t, at least once, end up saying…

Awwww, so sweet.

This one is my personal fave, and reminds me all over again why I love boxers:

Missed the odd one out in this pic initially:

Oh, and in case you’re wondering about this next pic, well, wolves can be reeeeaaal sweet too (she says, licking her lips):

Oh, and the next one? Well, as I was Googling images for yummy ol’ Alcide, this one popped up, and hell, how could I not share it?

(And yeah, it is a little larger than the other images in this blog. Complaining? Anyone?)

So… sweet?

Mmm hmm. Go on. Admit it.

Real sweet.