I was watching a little Sunday afternoon TV last week and stumbled upon some sitcom re-runs. I was a bit astonished to find there was a guy in every show I’d once thought was hot. Perhaps there’s something wrong with me… you decide.

Happy Days: The Fonz

When he used to give that juke box a smooth tap my toes used to curl. Yes I know. I thought Henry Winkler was dreamy. I maintained my devotion for many years… until Chachie came on the scene. Hubba hubba. Move over Joanie.

Cheers: Sam Malone

 He’s not a spectacularly good looking man, I could even see that at the time. But he had something about him that I really liked. Perhaps it was because he was tall and I’m not. Could have been the slightly weird way he walked with those long loping strides. Or maybe it was that hint of thick russet fuzz that always seemed to poke out the top of his polo shirts. All I know was that I cheered when he finally got rid of that crazy Dianne.

Family Ties: Alex P Keaton

Talk about going from the long to the short of it. Michael J Fox was soooo cute as Alex, I just wanted to eat him up. I still remember all the girlfriends he went through—a young Courtney Cox, the woman who went on to be his wife, Tracey Pollan. I just sat there in front of the tube, dreamily wondering when it would be my turn. Sigh.

Mork & Mindy: Mork

Now I’ve gone off the deep end I know. It wasn’t Robin Williams you understand, although I do love a funny guy and might even forgive the hairest back around for a good gufaw. It was Mork. He was from another planet and I thought his innocence about the complexity of human morality was endearing. Plus I thought the egg ship rocked, I so wanted one.

Who’s the Boss: Tony Minetti

An Italian from the wrong side of town who cooks and is comfortable enough in his masculinty to work for a woman? Be still my beating heart.

Have a great weekend,