I’m feeling nostalgic today so I thought I’d share with you a little snippet from my very very first release, Shifting Lust. Now I wrote this a looong time ago (almost six years ago in fact) but I still have a soft spot for the hero, a brooding inter-galactic bounty hunter called Raiven a’Tor.

And just for some fun, I’m going to give away a copy of Shifting Lust to one lucky person. All you have to do is leave a comment on this post during the next 24 hours. Share with us you’re first ever romance book you read if you can remember, the first book you ever wrote or anything else that tickles your fancy. Simple. I’ll draw one comment from the cyber hat in 24 hours time and viola, WINNER!

Anyways, here you go…a little blast from my past…

Book Summary
Two solar years ago, Chamelyon shape-shifter Kyra Issarei fled from the man she loved to save his life. Now held captive as a sexual pawn in an intergalactic battle for supremacy, it is that very man who will defy death to save her life. 

Working as a body-decoy isn’t exactly the safest job in the galaxy, but Kyra hadn’t planned on being deceived by her latest client, Xia, the virgin Princess of the Five Moons. Trapped in the not-so-virginal Princess’s form, Kyra is mistakenly taken hostage by the sadistic Murukhan Warlord Mur’dek, who plans to use the Lunarian princess to further his galactic domination – and satisfy his own sexual appetites. With Xia’s insatiable lust running rampant in her head, Kyra knows she will become an all too willing participant in the Warlord’s brutal seduction. That means she’s in a whole world of danger because when she orgasms, she will briefly revert to her true form. And Mur’dek wants nothing more than to kill Kyra Issarei, last of the Chamelyon shape-shifters.


Kyra Issarei traced her fingers lightly down the princess’s bare arms, the feather-light touch sending a ripple of excitement through her. It was always this way just before a shift. Her fingertips continued their journey of exploration, down long, smooth thighs to bent knees, then back up to a toned flat stomach where a sparkling moon-diamond studded the princess’s navel.

A shiver whispered down Kyra’s spine. Wait, she told herself softly. Wait. It will come. Her body responded with a throb of hot anticipation between her legs. Eager. Impatient.

She looked up into the princess’s beautiful face. Eyes the colour of blue ice regarded her. Warily. That wasn’t surprising. What she and the princess were about to do was the stuff of dreams. Legends.

“It will be fine,” she whispered, listening to her own voice, knowing in just a short moment it wouldn’t sound like hers anymore. “Relax.” Her fingertips worked their way to the princess’s collarbones, neck, temples. “I’m told it is very pleasurable. Like –” Kyra paused. She was about to say “an orgasm,” but the princess wouldn’t know what she meant by the comparison. The Princess of the Five Moon’s royal virginity was famed throughout the six systems. “– like slipping into a bath of Elixia Ambrosia,” she finished instead. Surely the princess would understand that comparison. Only royalty was permitted the sinfully exotic liquid.

Another hot pulse fluttered between her thighs, this time stronger. It’s coming. It’s closer.

“You understand what this means?” Kyra whispered, her question husky. She needed to ask. Before it was too late. “The High Priestess told you what I’m doing?”

“Yes.” The princess’s voice was just as husky. “Cy told me everything.”

“Good.” Kyra drew in a trembling breath, feeling the wave building. So close. She moved her hands quickly, burying them into the princess’s thick, silky hair, the midnight strands slipping between her fingers. The shift! The hot pulse between her thighs was almost unbearable. It had been so long. The shift! The shift! A sharp gasp burst from Kyra’s throat and she threw back her head, her neck and spine arching as the shift began. Oh, Gods of Kaius! The shift!

Faintly she heard the princess cry out, a sound ripe with pleasure and release that bounced around the cavernous Temple of Calis. That must be a first, Kyra thought vaguely. The shift was still occurring and during the change her mind was a tidal pool, filling her with the thoughts and dreams of her client in a rush of emotions and senses that left her gasping, panting and trembling.

Her muscles tensed as the shift rolled over her. Her flesh became liquid, hot and cold, burning, icy, as the change continued. Her limbs became longer, her breasts fuller, heavier, the nipples pinching into rock-hard nubs as the cold temple air kissed them. She rolled her neck, feeling long hair flowing from her close-cropped scalp feather across her bare butt, the sensation like the touch from a lover’s tongue. The end was near; Kyra could sense it in the almost desperate mounting of pleasure rolling through her. The best, however, was yet to come.

Here. I’m open.

She relaxed her mind, preparing for the most exciting but dangerous part of her job. Exquisite stabs of scorching heat burst through her as her mind filled with Princess Xia’s psyche — her id. Without it, the shift would fail and the client would die. Immediately and painfully.

The princess twisted into her personality, burying, seeking. Here she is. It was then, as a rush of hot, powerful lust flooded through her body, Kyra realised she’d been deceived.

She sucked in a breath, staring hard at the panting princess. How has she kept it a secret? Shaking, she removed her hands from the princess’s tousled hair, struggling to control her breaths as the new sensations of Xia’s psyche made themselves known in her mind. Her flesh.

“It’s done!” the princess gasped.

Yes, it was. Kyra looked down at her sweat-slicked body, seeing limbs bearing no resemblance to her own. Feeling a hunger craving to be filled swell in her gut. Her pussy.

“Oh, Gods, I’m free!” the princess cried, joy and elation in her voice as she leapt to her feet.

Kyra stared at the laughing woman. How has she kept such a sexual appetite a secret? “Princess?” She fought to ignore the want surging through her. “How?”

Xia turned, blue eyes no longer wary. Now they were supremely victorious. She knelt before Kyra, hands snaking out so her palms smoothed over Kyra’s swollen breasts. Her fingers pinched at Kyra’s tight nipples in quick, practiced movements, sending molten pleasure to her very core. Oh, Gods!

“Tell anyone, shape-shifter, and I will kill you,” Xia whispered savagely, twisting Kyra’s nipples painfully. A gasp of raw pleasure escaped Kyra’s throat and the princess smiled. “It feels good, doesn’t it? The High Priestess taught me everything.” Her fingers twisted and flicked again, sending another spasm of agonising pleasure through Kyra’s body, flooding her slick pussy with wet heat. “Everything.”

“But, you’re a virgin.” Kyra’s words were just a breath as she fought with the lust roaring through her. Commanding her. Trying to take over.

Fuck her. Lick her pussy. Suck her tits.

“Am I?” The princess raised one dark eyebrow. She leant closer, full open lips lightly brushing Kyra’s mouth. “You tell me, shape-shifter.”

Xia kissed her, tongue hot, wet and insistent. Licking. Flicking. Sharp teeth biting at her lips. The princess’s animal lust — now a powerfully undeniable part of her own consciousness — welled through Kyra, crashing over her. Fuck her, it demanded. She wants it. She wants it all the time. And now, so do you. Fuck her.

She reached out, knotting her fingers in the hair at Xia’s nape and jerking her mouth free of the sweet invasion. She glared at the princess. “This was not part of the deal.”

“What are you complaining about? You got paid.” Blue eyes regarded her. “Besides, I’m sure you’ll find it very… pleasurable.

Kyra went for her gun. Then remembered she was naked. Curse it!

The princess laughed, the sound throaty and far from virginal. “It’s a shame I have to go. The situation is making me very horny. I’ve always wondered what it would be like to fuck a shape-shifter.” Her eyes skimmed over Kyra. “Almost as much as I’ve wondered what it would be like to fuck myself.”

Kyra lunged for Xia’s throat just as a massive explosion shattered the serene stillness of the temple.

Xia stumbled, falling out of her grasp. “Thanks, shape-shifter.” Laughing, she grabbed Kyra’s long jacket from the nearby marble altar and slipped her naked body into the worn, black leather. “Give my fiancé a kiss from me.” She turned, and with only a few steps, disappeared into the darkness of the temple.

Kyra began to follow, but a deafening hollow boom filled the air, followed by a blinding green light. She flung herself to the ground, instantly recognising the cause of the explosion. Fuck! Sub-Alliotic bombs! Gods, no! The Murukhans!

Debris rained all around. Chunks of the temple smashed onto the marble floor. Kyra curled into a ball, doing all she could to protect her naked frame. Through the cacophony of destruction came the sound of trampling feet. Soldiers.

“Here. She’s here.” A harsh, guttural voice rose above the devastation. “I found the princess.”

Kyra raised her head, shielding her eyes against the falling rubble as she squinted toward the voice. Cold dread sank into the pit of her stomach at the sight of four heavily armed Murukhan soldiers running toward her.

Oh, Gods of Kaius. Help me.

Yet, even the sure knowledge of her fate did not stop the hot hunger sweeping through her, swelling her pussy and filling her with uncontrollable lust. She licked her lips. Males.