Yep, that’s what today is. I woke up this morning and reminded myself it wasn’t Thursday therefore I didn’t have to get Princess & the Pea up early for school. Great, extra hour in bed. THEN I’ve spent the rest of the damn day thinking it’s Thursday and therefore in a mad panic because I’m not ready for the Australian Romance Readers Convention this weekend! I swear, I’m going to forget something…….


It’s Wednesday! That’s an whole 24hrs more than my wacky brain thought I had. Woot! Now I’ve got time to blog, time to write, time to pack (this would be the important one because hanging out at the ARRC naked isn’t a good look), time to gather my promo items and time for the last minute promo things to arrive. Oh, and I’m not even going to mention the housework I can get done. *grin*

And as it’s wacky Wednesday for me I thought I’d share something a little different from my usual. Bondi Beach Boys is my first contracted story with m/m elements. Oh, there’s a female in there too but the guys surprised me before I’d even made it past the first chapter! I honestly had no idea they were ‘together’ until after I wrote the scene. *shakes head* Pesky characters. Anyway, here’s the blurb and an exclusive (unedited) snippet.

Warning – adult content – m/m sex


After weeks of lusting over a couple of hot surfers, Piper Doyle has the opportunity to turn fantasy into reality. There’s just one problem. They’re her new clients. When the men offer a no strings attached affair Piper has a decision to make, one her body made for her weeks ago. She isn’t about to let this once in a lifetime chance to live out her wildest fantasies pass her by.

Samuel Bridges and Nathan Russo share everything. From their home to their business to the occasional woman and even themselves, but they’ve never shared what they feel for Piper before. What starts out as hot sex with a willing woman turns into something neither of them ever expected. It’s hard to believe a woman could fit between them so seamlessly. It’ll be even harder to keep her there.

When physical chemistry becomes emotional entanglement can three individuals untie the strings enough to walk off into the sunset together or will the ropes of society strangle what could be?


Sam scanned the tables searching for the brunette. Disappointment surged when she proved nowhere in sight. He and Nate had gotten used to seeing her these last few weeks. Dropping his bag he leaned his board against the car and knelt down to retrieve the car keys from the bottom of the backpack. Keys in hand he pressed the button to unlock the doors. Nate stepped up next to him and Sam noticed his friend doing exactly what he’d done the minute he’s stepped on the footpath.

“Damn. She’s gone.”

“Yeah,” Sam said as he glanced at his wristwatch. “Looks like we’ve all got somewhere to be this morning.”

“Bugger. If I’d known that I’d have hung around longer before hitting the waves.”

Sam smiled, he’d had the same idea but what he really wanted to do was find out who she was. It had been building for days—weeks—and this morning when they’d pulled up and she’d been walking into the café he’d decided it was time to introduce himself. Another look at his watch told him they didn’t have time to dwell on her early disappearance.

“Tomorrow I think I’ll skip the surf and have a smoothie instead.” He grinned over his board at Nate and tossed him the keys.

His mate snatched the keys out of the air one handed. “Not without me you’re not.”

They locked their boards into the special racks and climbed into the car. Sam pulled on his seatbelt as Nate started the engine, air blasted through the vents, the stale hot gust slammed into his face before the air-con kicked in to cool it. Maybe he should offer to teach her to surf when he talked to her in the morning. No doubt about it, he’d be making a new friend before lunch time tomorrow.

Five minutes of fighting with traffic and they were pulling into the underground garage beneath their house and office. He and Nate ran their business from the first floor of the three-storey refurbished home. Sam had a soft spot in his heart for the place; it had been their second doer-upper. The first had netted them enough profit that turning this one over hadn’t been a necessity and it hadn’t taken much thought for them both to agree it made a good base for their growing business.

Nate parked the car and got out, heading straight for the door leading into the basement and the spiral staircase to the other levels. It was Sam’s day to clean the boards and put them away. By the time he was done and heading upstairs to shower Nate was coming back down in their usual business attire, cargo pants and polo shirt with the company logo over the left-hand breast pocket. The emblem was the only thing they’d requested the new site designer keep, he was looking forward to seeing what the guy had come up with. He was even more looking forward to not having to update the site in the future.

With the company growing it was proving more and more difficult to keep up with all aspects of the business and like some of the actual labour, they were hiring someone else to oversee this part. He’d gotten the recommendation for the designer from the guy they’d sold their last house to, Jeff’s website was brilliant and as far as Sam was concerned it took someone special to make a dentist’s online presence look good.

He tossed the wet towels in the laundry as he strolled passed, he’d throw them in the washer after their meeting. Walking into the bedroom he headed straight for the bathroom. Stripping out of his shorts he stepped into the large shower recess. The supersized area was his biggest indulgence, multiple jets angled to hit every part of the body, an alcove with a bench seat and a glass wall that looked out over the ocean, all pleasure for the senses. Sam reached for the soap and lathered it in his hands.

“Need some help with that?” Nate asked.

“I’d love some but we don’t have time for that right now.” Sam eyed the bulge in the front of Nate’s pants. “What’s got you all hot and bothered?”

“The brunette.”

Sam arched a brow. “Really?”

Nate laughed. “Like I don’t know you’ve been jerking off to the image of her in your head for the last few weeks.”

Sighing, Sam turned under the spray to rinse off. His friend was right, the little brunette had gotten under his skin in a big way. And considering he didn’t even know her name, never mind the colour of her eyes, he was probably in big trouble.

“Don’t stress it. We’re in the same boat.” Nate held out a towel. “Tomorrow we get to know her.”

“Tomorrow.” Sam agreed, the word a promise and a prayer.

Nate left Sam to get dressed and made his way back to their office. He’d already rung Burt, their foreman and knew the Baker Street job was on schedule, he’d spoken to Emily at the bank about their overdraft and he’d cleared the conference table ready for the meeting with the web designer. All that was left to do was start the coffee. Sam walked in, his blond hair still damp from the shower and Nate glanced at the clock to see if they had time for a quickie. They had thirty minutes until show time, plenty to get his rocks off and remove the raw edge he was currently riding on.

“Drop your pants.” He basically growled the words as he stalked Sam across the room.

“Like that is it?” Sam smiled at him with that know-it-all grin that always got Nate’s demanding nature riled up.

“Yes. Drop ’em.”

Sam turned his back, pushed his hips back pointing his arse at Nate and with a wiggle said, “Make me.”

Nate almost crash tackled him to the ground. In record time he had the button and fly of Sam’s pants undone and the gorgeous cock hiding inside in his hand. He stroked hard, the way he knew Sam liked it. A moan slipped from Sam’s throat and Nate ground his erection into the curve of his friends arse.

“I need….”

“I know.”

Sam broke from his grasp and pushed his pants down. Why was it Sam always knew how to soothe the savage inside of him? They’d been friends long before they’d become lovers and Nate still, to this day, thanked the woman who’d turned them. Fumbling with his belt, he struggled to control his trembling fingers.

“Jeez, she’s really got you on edge.” Sam brushed his hands aside and dispensed with Nate’s trousers.


“Good. We’re in the same place then.”

“No offense, but I’m gonna pretend you’re her when I bury my cock in your arse.”

“None taken.” Sam slid a condom down his length sending fire into Nate’s balls and a shudder up his spine. “I’ll be doing the same when I fuck you.”

Nate laughed as he shoved Sam over to the table. “Hold on.”


Bondi Beach Boys – coming soon from Etopia Press

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