Wedding Advice


Sitting here watching THE wedding of the decade got me thinking about weddings, of course. This one is so classy, the CLASSIEST a wedding can get, really. But soooo many aren’t. This one’s been planned down to the finest detail, while some… aren’t. I’ve had fun scouring the Net finding evidence to make my point, so here we go.

Sami’s wedding advice:

Don’t let a bitter future mother in law choose the invitations

 Show a tasteful glimpse of shoulder

Ensure your bridesmaids don’t outshine you

Have some fun with the cake

Restrict your drinking…

… or never live it down

Here’s to a classy weekend,



Gloucester Writers Festival


This weekend I’m speaking at the Gloucester Writers Festival. What’s the Gloucester Writers Festival, you ask?

The Inaugural Gloucester Writers Festival is Australia’s newest writers event, a weekend dedicated to the love of books to be held in the Gloucester Recreation Centre this weekend (30th April and 1st May with a ‘Booklovers Barbecue” on Friday April 29).

The Hunter and Mid North Coast regions of Australia (the middle, eastern side of the country for those not familiar with Down Under) are home to a large number of creative souls involved in a myriad of the arts, but despite the large number of books clubs, writer groups and library goers there has been little for us book-freaks to kick-up our heels at.

The Director of the Festival, Lindy Dupree, has said “Our aim is to bring to Gloucester an annual literary event of substance, where writers and readers alike can enjoy sharing ideas in a relaxed country environment. To showcase Gloucester to visitors and promote local food and accommodation to our literary visitors. The world of books is truly a wonderful one and we want to share our love of words with others.” Personally, I think this is a bloody brilliant idea :)

Lindy: “We are very excited about The Gloucester Writers Festival and are thrilled that we have twenty Australian writers participating in panel discussions and workshops. We are developing a diverse programme which will have something for everybody  –  whether you want to find out about crime writing, romance writing, how to get published, how to write young adult books, how to get started to write romance fiction, find out what’s hot and what’s not in the publishing world, learn about the graphic novel process, poetry and other readings, and much more.”

I’m speaking Saturday on the Kiss and Sell panel. The Kiss and Sell panel is, as you can probably guess, about the Romance genre (my personal fav *grin*). On the Kiss and Sell panel with me are fellow Romance writers, Erica HayesHelene Young and Bronwyn Parry. Oh man, am I allowed to say I’m both a little nervous and utterly awe-struck? Part of the panel will be a 2-3 min reading from our books – the fact I’m an erotic romance author kinda makes me want to be really really devious and read something really really naughty, but the reality is, I’m so daunted by the other authors on the panel with me I’ll probably find the most sedate page in my most sedate book and then sit at the mic going “Errr…..” :)

Anyways, guest writers at the Festival include Philip LukerLes MurrayMichael WildingIrina Dunn,Julie DitrichJesse BlackadderJames RoyJaye FordNick BleszynskiAnthony LawrenceAnnette Hughes, Geoffrey Datson, Bronwyn ParryBruce MutardPamela RushbyHelene YoungPamela FreemanErica HayesBarry Maitland and Ross Fitzgerald.

All details of the programme, writers, workshops, panel discussions and much more are on the website so head on over and take a look here.

If you’re an Aussie with a love of writing or just looking for a brilliant soul-stirring way to spend a weekend, find yourself at Gloucester. And just to sweeten the invitation, I’ll give away a signed copy of The Sun Sword to the first person to mention this blog post to me at the Festival :)

(One of the things I’m totally excited about at the Festival is the Poetry Sprints. Check it out: Poets compete to perform an original unpublished poem in 60 seconds maximum, and then have it judged on memory, presentation, content and form. This is poetry like you’ve never heard it before.)

Which Superhero Would You Do?


So, I’m thinking of writing a superhero tale; a novella-length romp with lots of laugh, lots of sex and lots of action (I even have a name for my hero and an alias, but for now I’m going to keep that underwraps). But what really got me thinking of the above question was not my devious state of mind, but the movie Thor.

I just came from seeing Thor at the flicks with my husband. It was lots and lots of fun. Chris Hemsworth is deeeelicious and the action scenes really fired. I must admit, I was never a huge Avengers follower in my comic-reading days (I was a HUGE X-Men fan however, and had a fairly sizeable crush on Spiderman when younger) but after watching Thor, I’m beginning to wonder what I’ve missed. Was Thor really as sexy and charming and cheeky as the movie portrayed? Was Thor really as…well, doable?


Which leads me to this blog post. What superheroes push your buttons? Is it the strong, noble superhero or the sarcastic anti-hero superhero?

Let’s take a look at some options, shall we…

The Strong Noble Hero

Superman. You can’t get much more strong and noble. His moral compass would make the Mother Teressa envious. But is he sexy? Is he doable? What does he bring to the table that would make him an option? Is all that goodness a turn-on?

Captain America. Is there any more heroic and patriotic? (There’s yet to be an Australian superhero–unless you count Crocodile Dundee–which I don’t) so I’m holding up Cap’n America as the example of patriot pride and moral fibre. He fights the good fight for his country, but does he do “it” for you? Is all that high moral goodness a turn-on?

Cyclops. So, he’s got a killer gaze? But check out that blue and yellow spandex! Seriously, Scott Summer (aka Cyclops from the X-Men world) is noble of heart and tormented of soul. Caught in a perpetual love-triangle, Cyclops still does his all to be the better man at all times. Sexy? Doble? Or just too damn angsty?

The Nimble Sarcastic Hero

Spiderman. Ignoring the fact Peter Parker’s really only a teenager, Spiderman’s pretty damn sexy. He’s quick-witted, sarcastic and can fling himself around like a contortionist as a limbo party. But does all that red and blue put a dampner on the situation? And is there just a touch too much acne under the mask?

The Green Lantern. Sharp-witted, more than a touch cheeky and often-times rebellious, The Green Lantern is quite a few steps away from the likes of Supes and Cap’n America. He’s not altogether noble, but his actions are always governed by the want and need to do the right thing. Originally a fly-boy, is he the superhero to make you go “oohhh” (especially with Ryan Reynolds playing the part in a soon-to-be released film?)

Hannibal King. Speaking of Ryan Reynolds, you can’t list sarcastic, nimble superheroes without mention of Hannibal King. King is the smart-mouthed vamp killer from the Blade series and was perfectly depicted by Reynolds in the third Blade film. I have to say the original King never really did it for me (and as you know by now, sarcasm and arrogance kinda pushes my buttons–traits Hannibal King has in spades) but Ryan Reynolds’ King…oh, yeah, baby…

The Anti-hero Superhero

Wolverine. The classic anti-hero. He doesn’t give a toss about anything expect looking out for himself (at least, that’s what he wants the world to believe), is ultra-violent, ultra-sarcastic and so far removed from Superman and all that is good and golden and clean in superheroes it’s almost impossible to align the concept. But when the chips are down Wolverine will stop at nothing to wipe out the wrong tainting the world. Even if that means a bloody, brutal, savage body-count. (And yeah, I know I posted a piccie of Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine, but look at it…how could I not!? But just to keep with my own original-source rules, here’s Wolvie in drawn form too…

Ohhh, now THAT’S a sexy image…


Spawn. Aka Al Simmons. An assassin killed and sent to Hell who promises to work as a Hellspawn for one last chance to see his wife? How can that not be sexy? But would you want to y’know…with him? He’s dark and tormented and far from a ray of noble light. His name alone – Spawn – conjures up images of dark things born of darker things in dark places…but when needed he’s awesomely powerful. And his tongue is like a razor when it comes to cutting quips. Hmmm…potential, I’d say.

Batman. I wouldn’t hear the end of it from my webmistress if I didn’t include the Caped Crusader on this list, and honestly, he couldn’t fit anywhere else but in this category. He’s not one to bask in the glory of his crime-fighting, in fact, he started fighting crime for purely personal, self-centred reasons. He is tormented by his own demons to the point of being anti-social and his alter-ego Bruce Wayne is an arrogant bastard most of the time. But there is something very very seductive about that much dark mystery, about that much wounded soul, don’t you think?

There are endless superheroes out there I could draw on for this post, but the above give you all an idea to start from. In a fantasy world, where you are the heroine in the world where superheroes are needed, who do you fall for? The noble, pure hero, or the tainted, tormented anti-hero? (By the way, the one thing I noticed as researching this topic was the evolution of the superhero as decades have past. It seems it’s not just me that has a thing for the haunted, arrogant hero with a tenuous grip on his violent nature and a sardonic nature sharp enough to draw blood. The comic-reading world seems to have demanded heroes of this very nature: Priest, Preacher, the Comedian from the Watchmen, most of the X-Men…wow, there’s some seriously f*cked-up heroes out there!)

The thing that I’ve concluded from this blog post? At the moment, despite my normal gravitation towards the messed-up, conceited, tormented superheroes, I’d easily and happily pick this superhero…

…played by this guy…

…with all the cheeky charm, slap-stick goofiness and sexy strength the God of Thunder possesses. Well, at least in the latest movie anyway.

So, which superhero would you do?

Easter Treat

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Happy Easter from Lexxie, Jess, Rhian and Sami oxox

Mr. Romance, the Aussie Perspective


I guess it’s no secret to any of you that everyone had a blast at the Romantic Times Convention. The Down Under Divas had a particularly good time, what with being released from the bonds of motherhood temporarily. We were on the loose and going wild, I tell you.

There were so many highlights of the trip for me, but none made more of an impression than the Mr. Romance competition. I wasn’t going to go. I was half asleep on the hotel bed when Lexxie Couper encouraged me, politely, to get off my ass and go with her to this shindig. I’m glad I did. I’ve never laughed so much in all my adult life.

Don’t get me wrong. All those guys were cute with a capital C. They each fully deserved a crack at a cover model shoot, and I’d be stoked to have any of them grace one of my own covers. This was serious business. But watching those contestants strut their stuff in the ultimate switcheroo, watching them perform like women have for decades in Miss this or that competitions, tickled my funnybone.

Who could remain unamused when one contestant, dressed as Indiana Jones, tried for the whip action and ended up smacking himself in the face? Who would remain untickled when another hopeful enthused at the opportunity to show everyone his manhood? When the competition’s Mr. Congeniality equivalent was announced, Lex and I, women used to the laconic Australian male, watched aghast as all the contestants hugged him mightily. Hugged him. 

Let me just explain. Aussie guys don’t hug each other unless a final minute goal has been scored. Then, mind you, all bets are off. Arse slapping and neck snuggling abounds. But that’s on the sporting field. On any other occasion that a man achieves something, his Aussie mates may tilt their heads, say something complimentary followed by a swift insult to temper the effect of any increased self-esteem that may ensue from such an effusive display of affection.

For example: Mate number one wins a nobel peace prize. Mate number two reacts: Slight incline of head. Says, “Good on ya.” Follows up with “Wanker.”

Can’t have a mate getting a swelled head after all. The Aussie male is indeed a curious animal. A Mr. Romance Australia competition. Now that would be an interesting sociological experiment. Maybe at ARRC 2013?

* Congratulations to Mr. Romance 2011, Len Gunn. Lex and I cheered our little Aussie hearts out for you! And thanks to everyone involved in organising RT LA. A great time was had by all.


The series is complete


Which series? you might ask.

Easy answer: The Three of A kind Series. The one that began with the smoking hot, m/m/f menage, Going All In, was followed up with the sexy as all hell, m/f/m menage, Raising the Stakes, and now concludes with the blazing m/m/f menage, Full House.

So wanna here about the final story in the sexy poker series?

It’s a cracker. Honestly, hotter than anything I’ve ever written. And the two heroes? Seriously to die for. Both of them.

Here’s the blurb:


A full house beats a pair any day.

Three of a Kind, Book 3

It’s been a long, lonely business trip for diamond dealer Max Ashberg. He’s missed his lover like crazy, and he’s come to the realization that he’s ready to take the next step: nominate himself to be Trev’s new housemate. Except when he gets to Trev’s place, there’s someone living in “his” room. A woman—with the face of an angel.

Six weeks shouldn’t make a huge difference in a man’s life, but in that time lawyer Trev Greenfield has realized two things: He wants much more than a standing Friday night “date” with Max. And he’s falling heart-over-head for his new housemate, potter Grace Miles.

Grace never meant to fall for Trev, but when a power failure turns their chemistry into live electricity, there’s no denying the spark. There’s also no denying the shock when Grace discovers a naked man in her new home.

With Grace poised to run and Max teetering between confusion and growing lust for the delicious possibilities, Trev has his hands full trying to hold the two loves of his life together…before they slip through his fingers. Leaving them all with shattered hearts.

Product Warnings

There’s a lot of sex in this book. I mean a lot! Hot sex. Sweaty sex. Gay sex. Straight sex. Ménage sex (M/M/F and M/F/M). Oh, and romantic sex. Lots of romantic sex. Hot romantic sex. Sweaty romantic sex. Gay romantic sex… You getting the picture?

Now, would you like a hot excerpt?

Well, okay then, here you go:

FULL HOUSE: A smokin’ hot excerpt

Silence permeated the room, broken only by the jagged breathing of the men beside her.

So focused had she been on her task, she’d failed to notice Trev and Max had ended their kiss and now both stared at her hands. Or Trev stared at her hands. Max’s gaze was fixed on Trev’s cock.

“Do it,” Max urged, his voice low and sexy as sin. “Touch him.”

As if she could stop herself. Armed with Max’s encouragement and a newfound strength in her convictions, she curled her fingers around the rigid shaft.

Trev’s breath escaped in a hiss. He straightened and threw his head back with a soft groan.

Her eyes closed as she absorbed his silky texture, his steel heat. She ran her hands up and down his length, loving the feel, loving his response—the harsh breath that rasped from Trev’s throat.

“Push his jeans down so he can take them off,” Max whispered in her ear.

Grace was curiously reluctant. She’d have to release Trev to do so.

As if sensing her dilemma, Max spoke again. “More freedom without pants. Better access.”

Ah, good points. She edged the jeans and boxers over Trev’s hips, pushed them down his thighs and let him finish the job.

Max was right. Way better access this way. Before Trev had kicked his jeans off, her hands were wrapped around his erection, one below the other.

“Hold him tighter,” Max instructed, “and ease your hands up and down real slow.” He cleared his throat as she followed his instructions. “Yeah, just like that.” As he spoke, he rocked his hips lightly, caressing her butt with his erection, or caressing himself on her butt, she couldn’t tell.

She didn’t care. Either way, the movement inflamed her. Heat flared between her legs. Her panties were sodden. Her mind was carefree.

“Now, faster,” Max said

Grace adjusted her speed. Trev groaned again.

“See?” Max’s voice was husky and soft. “He likes that.”

Grace watched, fascinated. As she stroked Trev, drops of precome beaded on his tip. She swiped at the wetness, coating her fingertip, then brought her hand up to Max’s mouth, offering him her finger while still pumping Trev with her other hand, exactly the way Max had instructed.

“You first,” Max growled.

What a gentleman. She popped her finger between her lips and licked it clean.

“Now me.”

A demanding gentleman. Grace repeated the action, dipping into Trev’s liquid and again offering Max her finger.

Max’s lips closed around her offering, the heat of his mouth sucking her finger in deep. He swirled his tongue around and around the tip, then closed his eyes with a sigh.

“Don’t swallow,” Trev said, his voice nothing more than a low growl. “Feed it back to Gracie.”

Max’s eyes darkened as he leaned toward her and captured her mouth with his. His tongue stroked over hers, once, twice, and she lost herself to the kiss, to the passion that danced through her veins, to the heat that burned in her pussy, to the taste that was uniquely a combination of Max and Trev.



Full House is available now at Samhain Publishing. And if you hurry, you’ll get it for the hugely discounted price of $2.45:


Happy reading.