Conversations and events occuring in the Lee household of late:

1. “What are you doing Cherub?”

“I’m not doing  a poo.”

That’s nice, but it leaves so many less palatable options.  Turned out she was licking the glue stick like it was a lollypop.

I tell her put the lid back on that thing, please. She tries and tries, with much grunting and groaning. Then she gets a bright idea. “I need to go in the lounge room.” Sure enough upon a move to the lounge room she’s able to screw on the lid. Must be the air in there, it’s lighter or something, like on the summit of Everest. Who knew?

 2. Princess has taken to correcting the Cherub on her speech lately, now that she’s a schoolie and knows everything. The other day Cherub was saying she wanted ‘sgetti on toast for dinner. Princess very  calmly rolled her eyes and said, “It’s pesgetti, you know.”

 3. There is a spider in the corner of the Cherub’s bedroom—a harmless Daddy Long Legs that is helpfully keeping the insect population down in kid central. Cherub comments on it every time we’re in there together. The other day, as always, I say “Don’t worry about him, he’s not interested in you.” Thoughfully, Cherub replies “No, that’s why he’s not talking to me.”

Is it safe to say he never will?

4. The other day Princess asked if we could go to the park on the way home from school. Feeling disinclined, I refused as is my perogative. Princess responded angrily “Fine then. If you’re not going to take me to the park I might as well stay home and eat all day.”

Are they really the only two options?

5. We were recently given a lovely old piano which we’ve encouraged the kidlets to try out. Yesterday Cherub was playing it, very carefully removing the sheet music from inside the piano chair and spreading it out where it’s supposed to go. She points to a line and says ‘I’m going to play that one’. Okay. She bashes on the keys haphazardly for a while, then collects her sheet music and hops off the chair. Refering to the sheet music she said ‘I need to get another one, this one doesn’t work.’

Sometimes I think my girls need whole books written about them.