Lately I’ve been sitting in awe of all those things I once thought I could live without, and now realize I can’t. No, I’m not talking life saving elements like air or water. I’m talking about those little luxuries that become, well, almost more important than water and air.

It all started on my way to LA last month, when I had 14 hours on a plane – without children. I could do whatever I wanted. Read what I wanted. Watch as many movies as the plane had to offer. Instead of movies, however, I stumbled upon the TV series channel. And there it was. The program I’d always meant to watch but just never had. Glee.

I started at Series 1, Episode 1. By the time I had flown home, I’d watched every Glee on the plane. And was hooked! So hooked, that for mother’s day I requested whatever Glee DVDs were available. I was given the entire first series and half the second. Now my whole family is hooked on Glee. We listen to the CDs in the car, and we try and watch at least one episode every night. Sometimes it’s just not possible. But it’s okay, coz the entire Dee family will make up for the loss by singing every Glee song we know at the top of our voices, completely off key.

So, what else am I hooked on?

Well, mobile/cell phones have been indispensable since I was 25. But I never knew I couldn’t actually live without an iPhone – until I got one. Ask me to use a regular mobile phone now… I can’t. Can’t remember how to text or access services, profiles etc. Nothing. I only know how to use an iPhone. And I love it.

The same could be said about my Mac. Once upon a time, a computer was a computer. Then I got my Mac. Suffice it to say, without this wonder of modern technology, there would be no writing for me. No books. Jess Dee would not exist. Truth is, if I could take my Mac to bed with me, I would.

So… imagine my delight when I realised I could take my Mac to bed with me. In the form of an iPad.

Sigh. iPads. Who would ever have thought one little tablet could be so damn irresistible? I’ll be honest. I held out for a year. Wasn’t really interested in getting one…until the iPad 2 released. And then I had to have it. I fought for it. Went on line forty times a day to order one – with no success. And then finally, after queuing in the blistering sun for two hours, I finally, finally got one. My life has never been the same.

What else can’t I live without?

KINDLE! Damn, I love Kindle. LOVE IT. I download a book a day at least now. Yeah, it’s costing me an untold fortune, but it’s worth every penny. A world of books at my fingertips. And a sexy iPad to read them on. Hello? Do I need anything else?

Ah, yes. Twitter. Seriously, who would ever have thought posting regular short updates about the arbitrary happenings in my life could be so addictive? But now I can’t stop. Twitter is truly a hedonistic, self indulgent pleasure. No wonder so many people love it.

Oh… and then there’s Shazam. LOVE IT! How many times have you heard a song on the radio, and thought, “damn, cool song. Who sings it? What’s it called?” And then you never get to find out coz the DJ neglects to acknowledge it was ever played? Shazam it people. Hold up that indispensable iPhone, click listen, and a minute later, boom, there it is. Everything you need to know about the song. And…and…and..with just one more click, you can download it from iTunes.

Black boots! Does that sound odd? I’m sorry, but until I came to live in Australia, I never realized black boots were the single most important item in a winter wardrobe. Sydneysiders love nothing more than taking out their boots the second the weather drops below 20 degrees Celsius. And I too have come to love it. There is nothing better than the feel of those boots slipping over your calves. The sound of the zip rasping as you do them up,  and the knowledge that you’re walking around in your beautiful boots. I dunno about you, but I always feel six foot tall and sexy as all get go when I have my boots on.

Oh, and while we’re on the winter wardrobe thing…scarves. How did I get through 32 years of life without discovering the wonder of scarves? Not only do they keep my neck fabulously warm, they make whatever I’m wearing look a million times better.

So that’s it for now. My list of things I cannot live without. (Yes, you can mock me and say I should have called the post “Why I love Mac/Apple so much”).

What about you?

Is there anything you thought you could live without but now realize you can’t?