Today we have another guest blogger, a VERY special guest and all round cool chick. I first became aware of Caitlyn Nicholas when I saw her book for sale at the Samhain Publishing website. I emailed Cait straight away in one of my blustering messages that went something like ‘Hey you’re Australian too and we’re both have our first books coming out with the same publisher at almost the same time! How cool are we?’. It was something along those lines I’m sure. This was one of those times when making a bit of a fool of myself paid off—I’ve kept in contact with Cait ever since and I so enjoy reading her hilarious blog posts on parenthood, writing, life in general and growing vegetables. I can so relate to all of it… except the growing my own dinner part. I don’t know how she has the patience for that.

I’m not alone in my appreciation of Caitlyn’s unique take on modern life. She’s been nominated as one of Australia’s 50 top bloggers by, and voting is still open so if you want to pop over and read her blog and subsequently become a HUGE fan (it’s absolutely bound to happen just like that), please take the time to vote for her.

Along with her enormously popular blog Cait writes wonderful romantic adventures. So without further ado, here’s Cait!

WELL HELLO, I’m a first time poster, and a long time reader :).  A bit about me before we get onto today’s perplexing blog topic. I’m Caitlyn Nicholas, I blog over here and I’ve known the Divas for more years than I’d like to admit.  Three things brought us together; living in Australia, taking to e-publishing back when everyone said it’d never catch on, and being published with Samhain Publishing.  They’ve been a wonderful group of writerly friends, and I am just thrilled to be asked to blog for them today.

 So, the beardy hero.

 I write romantic suspense, and at present am planning my next novel.  It’s pretty much at the beginning-to-write stage, but, I was out on my walk the other evening when an idea popped into my head; what if the hero HAD A BEARD???

 A beardy hero. But wouldn’t that mean…

Ew. Shudder.

So I did a little googling and discovered… 

 Hmm, warming to the idea

Argh. NO. 

Well, hello Mr. Clooney. Purr.

A beard, it seems, is in the eye of the beholder.

 Still, I’m not convinced about my romantic suspense beardy hero.  Yes, Mr Purr Clooney is hawt, but could I convey his hawtness to a reader, who might see the word beard and think of her Uncle Robert (the one who always keeps bits of dried up egg yolk in his).

 And then there’s the research dilemma. See hubs has no beard, in fact I lived my wild youth in the 80s and facial hair was along these lines

And it doesn’t matter how many Bacardi and cokes you’ve had, you ain’t going anywhere near that at the age of 18.

So HOW am I going to research beardy kissing??

Gah, it’s a dilemma.


Note from Sami: Actually I’ve always had a highly inappropriate thing for Sam Eliot :).

Thanks to Cait for coming over today. If you’re interested in reading a fabulous romantic suspense, check out her books at her blog.