Well I can’t really call the post ‘the cat’s outta the bag’ when I’m telling you about the Party Games series I’m writing with Lexxie Couper can I? *grin*

Lexxie gave you a taste of her first Party Games release the other week and now it’s my turn to tell you all about my first book in the series, Truth Or Dare. It will be releasing January 17th and I’m not sure I how I’m going to stand waiting that long. But anyway, let me give you the ‘unedited’ blurb and excerpt:-

Truth Or Dare by Rhian Cahill available from Samhain January 17th 2012
Truth or Dare? Are you game?
Miki Drummond wouldn’t dare put her heart on the line again, not after the hell her marriage put her through, but she never dreamed she’d reconnect with Dayne Pearce and Grant Rogers at the most insane party she’s ever attended.
Grant and Dayne never forgot Miki from school. Ever. And now they have her, they’re not letting her forget them, no matter what the truth behind her wounded heart. They’ll do everything in their power to keep her, including offering more pleasure than one woman could ever imagine.
One night of pure fantasy is all Miki dares to take, but come morning the hard truth is—walking away isn’t an option.
Warning: The author cannot be held responsible for any truth you may tell or dare you make take after reading this story. And if you find yourself sandwiched between two hunky men…take the dare.


Dayne’s hands moved between her legs and every serious thought in Miki’s mind evaporated. He pressed the bundle of nerves at the apex of her slit and her pussy clenched and her legs shook. Grant, finished with her hair, brought his hands around her waist and cupped her breasts in his palms. His fingers plucked at her nipples, pinched and tugged. With a moan, she arched her back and thrust her body against their questing hands.

Gently and easily, they drove her up. Grant played with her breasts until they felt swallow and heavy, and still he kept going. Dayne slid two fingers inside her, used his thumb to keep up the pressure on her clit while pushing his other hand between the cheeks of her arse. He probed her back entrance, circled the puckered opening before pressing into the dark depths. Her hips jolted as though she’d been struck with a livewire.

The orgasm flowed over her. Like falling rain, it trickled, unhindered along her nerve endings. She bowed into Dayne, crushed her chest to his, trapping Grant’s hands between them. Both men pressed against her, Grant’s cock riding the crease of her arse and Dayne grinding into her hip. Miki wanted them inside her. Wanted to feel their cocks pounding into her at the same time.



So what do you think?