As I sit here, relentlessly refreshing my inbox, waiting for a couple of emails to arrive that are simply not arriving, I have to take time out to assess all those little, tiny, meaningless things that frustrate me no end.

Because waiting for an email, and not getting it, is indeed, the height of frustration. I am utterly powerless. Even refreshing that inbox is a useless activity. Until the sender is ready to send it, it will not arrive.

So rather than be productive and write another chapter, or finish a scene, or edit an already written scene, I’m pondering what frustrates me the most in life. Here’s my list – all of which have happened to me in the last couple of weeks.

1) Not receiving the email you’re waiting for. (Gee, I bet you never saw that one coming.) 😉

2) Not receiving that package in the post you’ve been waiting weeks for. (And darn it, you can refresh your inbox, you cannot refresh your post box.)

3) Waiting for your boss/editor’s thoughts on that report/book you’ve just written.

4) Finding the ideal pair of boots (I mean the perfect pair, that you’ve searched for the whole year, and there they are, dancing before your very eyes…) and they don’t fit. (Feel free to replace boots with jeans, top, jacket etc.)

5) Knowing you have to be up at some ungodly hour in the morning, and try as you might, you simply cannot fall asleep.

6) Hearing the clock tick ticking away the minutes until your deadline is up – and you cannot think of one single word to write!

7) Sharing your most favorite treat in the whole world. (Yes, sharing is caring and all that crap, but damn it, when there’s only one, and it’s small, you don’t really want to share!)

8) Leaving the hairdresser after a really bad hair cut and knowing there is nothing you can do but wait for your hair to grow out.

9) Waking up in the middle of the night needing to pee and deciding you won’t coz you’re too tired and would rather just go back to sleep. And then an hour later, after obsessively trying to go back to sleep, you’re busting so much you get up to pee anyway.

10) Finally accumulating enough points to book a frequent flyer ticket – and the flights you want are all fully booked.

11) Phoning to complain about your mobile/cellular phone service, and getting through to someone (in another country) who doesn’t understand English and puts you on hold for at least an hour.

12) Racing to a public “ladies room”, only to find a line of 25 woman waiting in front of you. (Damn it, why don’t men have these problems?)

13) Going to make a cup of much needed tea, only to discover the milk has gone sour.

14) Recording your favorite program – and finding the crucial last eight minutes never taped.

15) Making an avocado sandwich for your child for school lunch (because he won’t eat anything else. I mean not one other thing) and uh-oh! There is no avocado.

16) Working a full day, racing around with kids, getting them to every after school activity ever created, coming home on a cold, dark winter’s night – absolutely starving –  0nly  to remember you haven’t got one damn thing to make for dinner. (I confess, this happens to me on glorious summer days too. And fresh spring ones. And chilly autumn ones.)

Well, there you have it. My “Height of frustration list.”

So tell me, how does yours compare?