Thought I’d share a little teaser snippet of my current wip. This is from Spin The Bottle which is part of the Party Games series I’m writing with the lovely Lexxie Couper. This is part of a self-satisfaction moment for the hero, Mackenzie Harris, he’s remembering an event from months earlier and getting just a little worked up. 😉  As usual, unedited and any mistakes are mine. *grin* Enjoy!


He had no clue when it was that things had change. When she’d gone from being his best friend’s sister to the woman he wanted above all others. All he knew was he had to keep his hands off. Easier said than done.

One second he’d been in control, the next Lilli was in his arms, their mouths joined in the most erotic kiss of his life. Soft, pliant lips gave way and he slipped his tongue inside to taste more of her. A hint spice from their meal and the sweetness of her cocktail enticed him deeper. Mac slanted his lips across hers and their tongues collided in a frenzy of want and need. The combination of chilli and strawberry daiquiri lingered on her tongue, the fiery sweet flavour the perfect symbol of their scorching kiss. Wicked innocence.

Mac’s body tightened. Lust coiled hot and hungry in his balls. His cock lengthened—hardened, as his pulse pounded through his veins. He sucked in a breath and reached for his cock. Lightning shot through him at the memory of her hands touching him.

Lilli skimmed her splayed hands across his chest, over his shoulders and down his back—her fingers burning him through his shirt, her nails scoring his skin. He ground his hips to hers, his hard-on pressing against her stomach. She moaned into his mouth and pushed back, her lower body rocking into his. Mac gripped her arse, pulled her up on her toes and fitted their bodies together in perfect alignment to drive them both wild.

He’d gone too far, remembered too much, and past experience told him he’d need to relieve the pressure with his own hand and the vivid recollection of Lil’s mouth under his, her body pressed to his. Mac tightened his grip, pulled his cock harder as his orgasm drew closer.

She tangled her fingers in his hair, tugged on the short strands and sent shivers down his spine. He squeezed her arse as he worked his fingertips towards her pussy. Lilli wrapped her legs around his waist and the short skirt she wore rode up her thighs, exposed the part of her he sought. Heat and moisture met his skin, the thin barrier of her underwear no match for the hot need flowing from her core.

Mac’s harsh breaths and pounding heart echoed in his ears. He worked his cock harder, ran his thumb over the swollen tip, his pre-come easing the slide of his fingers. His sac tightened, tucked his balls close to his body as his release drew near.

He pressed the silky cloth under his fingers into her slit, parted her folds and searched for her clit. The hard knot of nerves stood tall, pulsed beneath his touch. She rocked against him, rode his hand on one side, his cock on the other. His mouth left hers to trail kisses along her jaw while he continued to torture her sex with his hand. Mac nipped at her ear, sucked the lobe into his mouth and flicked it with his tongue.

His hand moved faster.

Lilli’s hips bucked and more cream soaked her undies. He cursed the obstacle between them, wanted to feel her slick wet flesh on his skin. Wanted to slide his fingers through her folds and thrust them inside her. Drive them deep and find her G-spot, stroke her inside and out until she screamed his name.


She rippled against him, her orgasm sneaking up on both of them as she bucked and thrashed in his arms. Heat and wetness coated his hand. Lilli buried her face in the side of his neck as she rode out the last waves of her release.

Mac pumped his shaft with firm, punishing strokes. His balls tightened and his spine tingled. He shouted Lilli’s name with the first spasm, groaned on the second. With each contraction a thick rope of sperm flew from his cock, the liquid hot on his skin as it coated his hand.


So what do ya think?