Yay! *happy dancing* Coyote Whispers has been offered a contract by my lovely EC editor. Woot! Steve and Doc finally get their story. In honor of this wonderful moment I give you an (unedited) excerpt!


“Shower.” Steve ground the word out through clenched teeth as he set her on her feet. “I’ll bring you some clothes to wear.”

“You’re leaving?”

He closed his eyes, his control held by a thread. “If I don’t I’m taking you against the wall and I want more time to explore you than a quick fuck in the shower.”

“But you made me come.”

“Yeah, and I will again, just not yet.” Steve opened his eyes to see Doc removing her top. The sexy white lace bra beneath her blue blouse was made of pure sin. A groan gurgled in his throat. “Christ.”

Her hands stilled on the button of her pants and she raised her gaze to his. She studied him with her doctor stare. He knew what she was doing, analyzing, thinking, planning. Damn, that mind of hers was as sexy as her underwear.

He took a step back, reached behind him for the door handle and Doc got right up in his face, her hand pressed to the door behind him as though she could stop him from opening it.

“Get your clothes off now,” she demanded.

Steve smiled. “Back to being disagreeable, Doc?”

“You are not leaving this bathroom before I mark you. I don’t care if we have sex, I give you a blow job or a hand job. One way or another you will leave this bathroom mine as I entered it yours.”

His cock went rock hard. Her take charge attitude thrilled him and he couldn’t wait to be on the receiving end of any one of those suggestions. “Bossy much, Doc?”

“You like it.”

He arched an eyebrow. “Really?”

Doc wrapped her hand around his length through his jeans. “Oh yeah, you like it.”

They stared at each other, gauging who would give first. Only the fight was one sided. Her fingers squeezed and stroked him and even with the denim barrier her touch set his blood on fire. His coyote howled for him to take what she offered while he fought to keep his civility and not rut on her like the beast he was. Control snapped and he glanced at his watch.

“I reckon we have five minutes before anyone shows up and it shames me to say I won’t need that long.” He gripped her shoulders, pushed her back. “Strip.”


I can’t wait!