Last week I told you all I had a new contract and those that follow me on twitter and facebook will know I signed a second one last Friday so in honor of that I thought I’d share a little of Ryan and Claire. It’s unedited of course so all mistakes are mine. 😉  Enjoy.


Traffic was a bitch on the way home and a sixty minute drive turned into ninety. Claire cursed and muttered under her breath the whole way. Even wound the window down and swore at the driver of a truck that almost became her new hood ornament. Frazzled, hot and sticky she was ready for a whole bottle of wine when she finally reached home. Too distracted by her own annoyance Claire didn’t notice the man standing in the parking lot until she nearly ran him over.

Cursing a blue streak any sailor worth his salt would envy, she slammed on the brakes, threw the car into park and flung her door open.

“Are you fucking crazy!” she screamed as she launched from the vehicle. “I could have run you dow…” The air left her lungs and her words caught in her throat. The glistening flesh of a bare male chest to rival any God’s numbed her mind and turned her body into a quivering vessel of need.


God the man was to die for and Claire would have to be dead not to notice. Jeez, even dead she’d notice. She tried to swallow over the lump of harsh words in her throat.

“Evening, Claire, bad day at the office?” Ryan’s smirk should have been irritating; instead it did funny things to her belly, stirred and warmed it like soup in a saucepan.

She licked her lips, swallowed again and finally dragged a few words from the depths of lust induced stupidity. “Drive home.”

Jeez, could she be anymore lame? The man probably thought she was an idiot. Hell, she acted like a dumb school girl every time he was around, so who could blame him if he did.

“Ah, yes. I heard there was a bad accident on the highway earlier. They said traffic would be screwed for hours.”

His gaze dropped to where her blouse sat snug across her breasts, the material raising and lowing with every labored breath. Her nipples hardened beneath her bra, the look in his eyes one of hunger—desire. Could Jane be right? Did Ryan want her as much as she wanted him? The thought sent shockwaves of heat bursting out from the breasts he hadn’t stopped staring at. Her pulse quicken, her breath turned short—choppy. Her clit ached and Claire squeezed her thighs together to ease the throb.

Ryan’s nostrils flared and his gaze came back to meet hers. The heat and lust swirling in the green orbs delivered another burst of heat to her body. Claire shivered. Goose bumps sprang up all over her skin and moisture filled her panties. God, if he could do that with a look what could he do with a touch? Sparks of gold ignited in his eyes and Claire wondered why she’d never noticed them before. Had she ever allowed herself to look that close?

No. She’d kept contact with Ryan to a minimum. Usually because she found it hard to string a sentence together with the way he had her body exploding to life whenever he got close. Oh who was she kidding, just thinking about him sent her nerve endings into a frenzied bunch of sex-craving knots. Claire closed her eyes and took a deep breath in an attempt to calm herself. Big mistake.

The scent of hot sweaty male filled her nose and lungs. Her body went from mild arousal to fever pitch in a nanosecond. Claire had always had a thing for the smell of a hard working man but on Ryan it tweaked her senses on a whole new level. Her pussy throbbed and turned slick, her breasts swelled and grew heavy, her nipples rasping against the cotton bra she wore. Her eyes popped open wide and without permission her torso leaned closer to what tantalized her.

A cool breeze ruffled the hems of her skirt and blouse, drifting beneath the material to flow over heated skin. Nipples, already tight, hardened painfully. Her clit burned with want and Claire knew she’d climax with minimal effort. Hell, she was so close it would take no more than a brush of his hand or lips to set her off. Shit. She had to get away.

Without a word she spun on her heels and dove back into her car. Slamming the door she put the car in gear and sped into her parking spot. In one move she switched the engine off and grabbed her handbag. Jumping from her seat she shut the door with her hip and strode across the asphalt. Aiming her keys over her shoulder she activated the door locks and alarm.

“Gotta go. Can’t stop,” she called out as she made a dash for the front of her townhouse and safety.

It took longer than she liked to fumble her way inside and close the door behind her. Slumping against the cool timber Claire let her head fall back with a thunk and stared at the ceiling in her foyer. She shuddered. She’d just made a complete fool of herself and even if she’d been remotely contemplating doing as Jane had suggested and her body screamed for, she’d probably managed to ruin any hope she may have had at succeeding.


All Of You – coming soon to Noble Romance


Claire Jones never dreamed the fantasies she’d been having about the young guy next door would ever become reality but after a push from her best friend and one encounter involving dirty laundry she’s getting more reality than one woman should be allowed. But with reality comes emotion and Claire finds herself falling deeper and deeper under Ryan’s spell.

Ryan Doherty wants in Claire’s pants but he soon discovers hot sex isn’t all he’s after. She makes him happy in a way nothing and no one else ever has and if he has to use their amazing chemistry to stay in her life he will. Because having more of Claire isn’t an option. It’s the only choice.

Can Ryan and Claire bridge the age gap to find the love of a life time or will what others think destroy the best thing either of them has ever found?