Today’s teaser is brought to you by Mac and Lil from Spin The Bottle. As usual it’s unedited. 🙂 Enjoy.


“What are you doing?” she whispered.

“I thought that was obvious.” He didn’t pull away but moved his body closer to hers, his chest barely touching the tips of her breasts when she sucked in a breath.

“You can’t.”


“N-no.” Her lips brushed his. “It’s bad, remember?”

Mac pulled back a fraction to focus on her eyes. “What?”

“Kissing me.” She licked her lips and sent his blood pressure soaring. “When we did it before you said it was bad.”

For a second he hadn’t a clue what she meant and then it clicked. “Oh, no, it wasn’t the kiss that was bad, Lilli.” He lowered his head, brought his mouth back within touching distance of hers. “I’ll prove it.”

He slanted his mouth across hers. Thrust his tongue between her parted lips to plunder. Mac didn’t ease into the kiss, he dove deep, feet first and let his stomach drop. She tasted of champagne and cherries. A lush decadence that spoke of untold pleasure. Lost in the mating of their mouths the party faded away, nothing existed but the woman now in his arms, her body plastered to his, her soft curves cradling his hard edges as he devoured her.

Her breath hitched when he sucked on her tongue and the gaspy little moan that followed the caress of his hand down her spine dragged him further into the most sublime kiss of his life. His cock throbbed, his balls ached and every nerve ending sizzled with the need to take her.



Against the wall.


Wow. *fans self* Is it getting hot in here? 😉