Would it sound insane if I say I love revisions?

Probably. Most writers I know hate getting revisions, having to go back to the drawing board on a manuscript they thought was done with. Admittedly upon first receiving news that something I’m sick of working on needs, alas, more work, I groan in dismay, feel sorry for myself, consider chucking the story and or give up writing altogether. But I don’t attack the problem straight away. I allow myself the luxury of burying my head in the sand. I write something else, go away and read, immerse myself in family life. I give myself a deadline, a point in time when all this procrastination will have to come to an end, but until that day arrives I have permission not to stress over what needs to be done on that other annoying piece of work that didn’t quite hit the high points like it should have. During that time, my subconscious is diligently working on the problem (or so I hope), so that by the time I sit down to tackle it some of the answers will be clear.

Thankfully that seems to be what’s happened with my fireman story, yes that one I’ve been fiddling with since November of last year. At least I hope what seems like clarity to me is not complete delusion. I hope I’m fixing the problems with the manuscript and that this go around I might at last have all my ducks in a row. I do finally feel like I know what I have to do. All that remains is for me to do it.

Ought to be a snap, right? Yes, yes, I assume it’ll be easy from here on in (head goes in sand again)

Here’s to a great weekend full of writing and reading,