You all know who Nick Blackthorne is, yes? Only the world’s most famous rock star. He sings the most haunting love song, Night Whispers and every album he’s released has gone multi-platinum world wide. Not too bad for a kid who grew up in the small town of Murriundah in rural Australia. He dropped out of the public eye over two years ago but there was rumour just recently he’d checked himself into a sex-clinic in Germany. I have no idea how true that rumour is but damn…sex with Nick Blackthorne? Yes please!!!

Anyways, check out the poster. I think it’s circa mid 90s. And it’s signed! Signed! I so want this. Wonder if I can find it on a T-shirt…

(For more on Nick Blackthorne, I’ve also heard he maybe making an appearance here…)

(Just did some more searching and discovered who the artist of the poster is. Check out more of his stuff here)