Yep you hear me. The first three coyote stories are now available in print! I’m so excited. Coyote Run, Coyote Home and Coyote Wild are being published under the Coyote Hunger title and it’s already available at Barnes & Noble and Amazon. It’ll hit the Ellora’s Cave site in a few weeks time too. Squeee……And the best part? I got another gorgeous cover! Damn I’ve been so lucky with this series, each cover seems to outdo the last. 🙂

You can buy it at:-

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Last Friday the third book in the series, Coyote Whispers released. You can find out all the info HERE!

And seeing how we’re talking coyotes, who wants a snippet of the next book? Stupid question I know. 🙂  As usual this is unedited. Enjoy.


Brady Connelly sucked in a breath as the town of Whispering Springs came into view. Slowing his truck, he pulled off the road onto the shoulder and took in the many changes in the place he’d been born. Downtown had spread out since he was here last and most of the building in the older area looked either new or recently renovated. A lot could happen in ten years. He wasn’t surprised to see the newer buildings or the sprawl of a growing population.

He’d researched extensively before taking the job with Wild Encounters, the owners of the business had intrigued him the most. They’d managed to build a reputable company that offered wilderness adventures unlike anything else in the region. Brady also knew they were well on the way to bringing life back to an almost decimated coyote population. Both the natural packs of this mountain range and the shifter pack who called Whispering Springs home.

Bile rose in his throat and his stomach churned when he thought about his father’s involvement in the near destruction of the once prosperous pack. Thinking of his father always turned his insides. Brady couldn’t remember much of his father before the age of twelve, but his mother always told him things hadn’t been as bad as their final years on the mountain. Memories of the night they’d fled, his older brother Marcus refusing to get in the car with them, flashed through his mind.

His mother had cried for the whole twelve hour drive. Silent tears that streamed down her face to soak her shirt. Brady had never felt more useless in his life. At fifteen he’d still been too young to defend her against his brute of a father but he had succeeded in avoiding confrontations during his early teens, protecting her as best he could. The night they’d left their whole world had shifted beneath their feet with one act of violence his mother couldn’t ignore. Malcolm Connelly would stop at nothing to gain Sovereign.

Not even murder.


So what do you think? Is Whispering Springs ready for Brady Connelly to come home?