A Sneaky-Sneak Peek at Nick Blackthorne’s Story


Now, this is totally unedited, but seeing as I’ve received so many emails asking about Nick’s future, I thought I’d share a snippet from Whispers in the Night, his very own story coming April net year. I have to say, Whispers in the Night is the most romantic, passionate love story I’ve ever written and I hope those of you who met Nick at Bandicoot Cove will think so to.


I feel it in my heart

Like a rhythm

Like a curse.

I gotta run to you, babe

I gotta run.

“Gotta Run”

Nick Blackthorne



Chapter One


“Plus One.”

Nick Blackthorne read the two words written in ornate gold-embossed script again. For the umpteenth time in fact, since receiving the invitation currently in his hand.

Plus One.

The list of viable “Plus Ones” he could ask to McKenzie Wood and Aidan Roger’s wedding was long and colourful, the stuff of a celebrity mag’s fantasy—he was Nick Blackthorne after all, the world’s biggest rock star, a man with a reputation for dating and bedding only the most famous and beautiful women on the planet. A gossip-rag journo would be likely to have a wet dream over any possible Nick Blackthorne “Plus One”. The thing was, of the bevy of beauties and starlets and award-winning personalities Nick knew would be more than happy to accompany him to Mack and Aidan’s wedding, he didn’t want to ask any of them.


The gruff, deep voice sinking directly into his ears through his headphones made him blink. He lifted his stare from the wedding invitation in his hand to find his record producer looking at him through the studio’s glass petition. “Sorry, Walt,” he spoke into the mic hanging from the ceiling. “Guess I was wool-gathering.”

Walter Winchester, uber record producer and soulless mercenary from Hell gave him a steady look. “Still trying to decide who you’re going to take to that wedding? You could take my daughter?”

Nick rolled his eyes, shoving the invitation into his jean’s hip pocket. “Your daughter’s my agent, Walt, and married.”

Walter curled his lip. “Yeah, to a gardener.”

Nick laughed. “To a world-famous gardener with a client-list you’d kill for. I think it’s time you accept the fact your daughter’s not a chip off the old block and unlike you, actually has a heart.”

Walter snorted. “Unlike us both, Blackthorne, although I have to admit you’ve been a bit soppy since that weekend you spent on that island, thank fucking God. Otherwise I’d be thinking you’d never record another fucking album again.” He narrowed his eyes. “What exactly went on at that resort? Whatever it was, there’s been sweet fuck-all mention of it in the press.”

Nick’s heart thumped hard against his breastbone, hard enough he had to wonder if the sound technician sitting beside Walter registered it. As always, the memory of his time at Bandicoot Cove Island Resort made his pulse quicken and his heart fill with warmth. If it wasn’t for that weekend, and his time spent with Mack and Aidan there he never would have found the music in his soul again.

If it weren’t for Mack and Aidan, who knew what state he’d be in now?


He started at Walter’s sharp voice, his focus returning to the control room on the other side of the glass petition. The record producer studied him, charcoal-grey eyes narrow, his stare drilling. Nick’s bodyguard now stood beside Walter, a worried expression on his face. Over the years in his service, Aslin Rhodes had evolved from a detached “yes man” with muscle to a loyal and honest friend. At times Nick teased him with the title Uncle As, a term the two-year older ex-special forces commando pretended to scoff at. Today he looked very much the concerned family member—if a somewhat larger and far-more-menacing one—his black eyebrows drawing together over eyes both sharp and inescapable. He leant forward and activated the comm. between the control room and recording space where Nick now stood. “What’s up, Nick? Need me to get you anything?”

His voice rumbled, an almost flat timbre Nick thought sounded like distant thunder. Or artillery detonating, quite fitting for an SAS officer, really.

Nick shook his head, offering both Aslin and Walter a wide smile. “Nah, I’m okay. Just trying to remember the words to the next track.”

Walter punched the comm. “Well, hurry the fuck up and remember them. For fuck sake, Nicky, its only a reworked version of Night Whispers. Surely you can remember the words to the first fucking Platinum record you ever wrote?”

Nick blinked. Every muscle in his body coiled. Grew tight. “Night Whispers?” The song’s title felt like dust on his tongue. He frowned at Walter. “Who said anything about a re-release of Night Whispers? I thought the next song was Clouds of Pain? I didn’t agree to recording Night—”

“Surprise. I thought it’d be a nice touch,” Walter spoke over him, his teeth flashing behind his lips, his eyes hard as ice and twice as cold. “It’s been fifteen years since your first album, Nicky. Since your first international success.”

Nick’s gut clenched. He swallowed, staring at his record producer. Walter Winchester stared back, his expression set. The man didn’t top Australia’s Most Infamous List for nothing—Walter knew Night Whispers would make a truck-load of dollars with a re-release, especially after Nick’s two years of self-imposed recording and performing silence. The predatory, hungry gleam in Walter’s eyes almost made Nick laugh. Almost.

If it wasn’t for the song Walter wanted him to sing now.

“Nick?” Aslin’s soft British accent danced over his ears. “Want me to clear the room?”

Nick’s blood pounded in his throat. Words caressed his senses; lyrics teased him…

And I want to beg but I can’t find the words.

And I want to cry but I can’t find the tears.

“Shut the fuck up, Rhodes,” Walter snapped, his voice a snarl in Nick’s headphones. “Nicky doesn’t want anything except to sing the fucking song. Right, Nicky?”

Nick closed his eyes, an image of a woman laying on his bed, her hair a golden-red fan around her head as tears like diamonds rested on her cheeks, filling his mind.

And all that’s left is the shadow of your heart and the ghost of your smile…

“The song that started it all.” Walter chuckled, the sound cold. Triumphant.

And the whispers in the night.

“Thought you’d like to commemorate you new album with a re-release of your first Number global One.”

And the whispers in the night.

Nick drew a deep breath.

Night Whispers was the song he’d written for Lauren. The song that gave him his first simultaneous US, UK and Australian chart topper. The song that said what he’d been too stupid to say when he needed to say it: I choose you.

His first international Number One.

“Plus One.”

The words from the wedding invitation came back to him. Plus One.


Number One.

He couldn’t ignore the significance of that number. His first Number One record was written about a woman who had been his “number one” everything—friend, love, sexual partner—and now, here he was, being invited to bring a “Plus One” to Mack and Aidan’s wedding and the only “One” he could think about was the one he’d sung about all those years ago, the woman who’d whispered in the night how much she’d loved him, the one he’d stupidly let go…


He opened his eyes and looked at Walter standing on the other side of the glass. The producer’s brilliantly-capped white teeth glinted at him like a shark about to devour its next meal, steel-grey eyes just as threatening. “I’ve gotta go.”

Walter’s mouth fell open. “What do you mean, you’ve—”

Nick didn’t hear the rest. He pulled off his headphones, Walter’s incredulous shout nothing but a tinny squeak on the air as he tossed them onto the nearby padded stool. He gave Aslin a quick grin, more than happy when the massive man gave him a grin back before nabbing Walter’s right arm in a tight grip and bending him at right angles over the control panel.

Go, his bodyguard mouthed at him. I’ll keep Winchester off your back.

Nick nodded, a laugh bubbling in his chest at the sight of Walter Winchester—record producer and soulless mercenary—desperately trying to free himself from the six-foot-four ex-SAS officer’s effortless grip. He gave the grinning technician beside the futilely thrashing Walter a wave and then crossed the room, pulling the wedding invitation from his jean’s pocket as he did so.

Plus One.

He knew whom he wanted to take to Mack and Aidan’s nuptials, now he needed to find her.

Pulling the soundproof door open, he crossed the threshold, the sound of Walter screeching at Aslin to “let me go, you dumb-fuck Pom” making him chuckle some more. After ten years of being Nick’s record producer, of interacting with Aslin every time Nick entered a studio, Nick assumed Walter knew better than to resort to insulting the bodyguard’s nationality, but apparently not. A solid thud followed the word “Pom”, a loud “oww” following that.

“Call me a dumb-fuck again,” Nick heard Aslin suggest from the control room, his British accent suddenly a whole lot more pronounced. And even though he was laughing, a whole lot more menacing. “Go on, I dare you.”

Nick laughed again, the sound utterly joyous. He shook his head, one part of his brain wondering how long it would be before his bodyguard let Walter go, another part wondering just how long it would take to find…


Leather and Attitude

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Oh, the leather

Posted my From the Vault post over at Sami’s Scribbles, a great old Suzi Quatro and Chris Norman duet called Stumblin’ In. I used to looooooove Suzi Quatro, matter of fact I still do. She looks mighty good for her age and is still rockin’ out. But that early stuff? Absolutely blissful. 48 Crash, She’s in Love with You, The Wild One, they were excellent songs. Pop songs, basically, not all that much different than other pop songs. So what was it about these particular song I loved so much?

I realised the difference was attitude. I loved Suzi’s attitude. As a young girl whose main other choices of music lyric often revolved around men who treated their women badly and the women who couldn’t live without them, I can’t tell you what it meant to hear Suzi scream out ‘I’m a red hot fox I can take the knocks’ or ‘if you can’t give me feelings with old fashioned meaning then just stay in love with yourself’ . And the leather… drool. I wanted a leather jumpsuit so bad I nearly ached. But alas, this was never forthcoming.

I believe in the power of subliminal influence. I believe children absorb what’s going on around them, the hidden messages they receive from advertising, television and music, long before they can ever comprehend the meaning of it all. It has an impact, for better or for worse, one that all the lecturing from parents or school teachers can’t shake. This is why it distresses me whenever I hear a modern song with a woman singing about being beaten down by a man she can’t help but love anyway or how she uses her body to get what she wants because this is suddenly supposed to be the definition of feminine power. Our femininity is powerful, yes. But misused it is a detriment to our collective sense of self; a denial of the truth that we are more than our bodies, more than our looks or our age.

There were so many female musicians who taught me lessons I still carry with me today, that helped make me what I am (I guess you might call that a woman with attitude :)). Aside from Suzi there was Joan Jett, the epitome of cool ‘80s rock. Cyndi Lauper, who showed it was possible to be totally, wackily different and still be a success. Madonna, who taught me about sexual identity and what it means to have one, irrespective of whether there was a significant other in your life. I love these women for what they gave me. My attitude.

So what about you? Anyone to add to this list?

Have a great weekend,


(stepping off soap box now)  

An ideal island retreat…anyone?


With the release off Island Idyll today, I got to thinking about the island holidays I’ve had, and how, no matter what your reason for travelling to an island, or who you’re traveling with, there’s always something exquisitely romantic and beautiful about a tropical island.

I’ve been to three different ones.

My first trip was with a friend, on a backpacker’s budget, to Madagascar.

Madagascar is an unbelievable island in itself, with a fortune to see and do. And one of the things we chose to do there was spend a week on the tiny island of Nosie Sainte Marie. We stayed in a backpacker’s budget hotel – and we got exactly what we paid for.  The rooms were simple and the food the same. The beaches were beautiful and the only means of transport – bicycles. There were some cars, but very, very few.

I looked for some photos of the hotel we stayed in, but the only ones I could find belonged to such an old website, I had no idea how to embed the images onto WordPress.

Here are a couple tho of the island itself:

Nosy Sainte Marie

The next trip I went on, not three weeks later, could not have been more different. I went with the company I worked with at the time on conference to Mauritius.

This was not a budget holiday. This was a no-expense-spared splurge, and Oh My God! It was unbelieveable. Luxurious  Beautiful. Mauritus is everything you imagine a tropical island to be and more. It is, quite simply, paradise on earth.

I would have loved to go there with a significant other, but I had tons of fun with work friends, and quite honestly, a lot of that Mauritius trip and the things I saw there went into Island Idyll. This is the hotel we stayed at in Mauritius. It’s called

Shandrani Resort

My third island holiday came a couple years later. And this one was perfect. This island I visited with my significant other (who later became my hubby.)

We went to the Comoros, which at the time was a perfect island destination for South Africans. It was close by, and it was affordable, and the hotel was really pretty nice. This is what the beaches at the hotel, Le Galawa, looked like when we visited.

However, when I tried to find current pics of the resort on the net, I was shocked to find only dilapidated old buildings and overgrown lawns. Apparently the hotel has lain empty and neglected for years.

But look at the color of the sand. Gorgeous, no?

Island Idyll is set on the fictional Bilby Island, just off the coast of Queensland.

The resort, Bandicoot Cove, is far more luxurious and upmarket than Shandrani, and the sand whiter than Le Galawa beach. It will NEVER be a backpacker’s destination. 😉

It is, in essence, the ideal tropical island destination.

And now, you can visit it too, simply by reading the four books in the Bandicoot Cove Anthology:

Exotic Indulgence, Paradise Found, Tropical Sin and Island Idyll.

Island Idyll: The blurb

Adolescent fantasies can grow into very adult realities.

Bandicoot Cove, Book 4

Sienna James has come to Bandicoot Cove to mourn the end of her eight-year relationship with Ben Cowley. The last person she expects to meet is the star of every one of her high school fantasies.

Joshua Lye is not only as appealing as he was in high school, he reveals she was the main feature in his adolescent wet dreams. As kids they never got it together. But they’re adults now, and there’s nothing keeping them apart.

When Ben arrives at the resort determined to win Sienna back, finding another man in her bed kind of throws a spanner in the works. But he isn’t deterred. Rather than admit defeat, he comes up with an alternative plan: Let Sienna sleep with both men—at the same time. Then she can make an informed decision as to which man she wants.

Sienna shouldn’t want to go through with this shockingly sexy plan, but she does. Desperately. Except after the sexual storm passes, she could have it all…or be left holding an empty heart.

Product Warnings: Contains a suggestion beyond risqué, a solution beyond orgasmic, and two men who know how to play dirty. Really, really dirty.
Island Idyll is available now at Samhain Publishing, or at your favorite online store.

Happy reading!


Tuesday’s Teaser – All Of You


It’s four days until I fly to the US with Mr.C while he works. *grin* I’m looking forward to the two week ‘holiday’ but getting organized to go is seriously driving me insane. Okay fine, I already was insane but you know what I mean. Anyway, I’ve got a release next week! All Of You will be available from Noble Romance on Monday 26th. Yay! In honor of that I thought I’d share a sneak peek. Enjoy!

All Of You – Available Sept. 26.

Only You Bk1

Claire Jones never dreamed the fantasies she’d been having about the young guy next door would ever become reality but after a push from her best friend and one encounter involving dirty laundry she’s getting more reality than one woman should be allowed. But with reality comes emotion and Claire finds herself falling deeper and deeper under Ryan’s spell.

Ryan Doherty wants in Claire’s pants but he soon discovers hot sex isn’t all he’s after. She makes him happy in a way nothing and no one else ever has and if he has to use their amazing chemistry to stay in her life he will. Because having more of Claire isn’t an option. It’s the only choice.

Can Ryan and Claire bridge the age gap to find the love of a life time or will what others think destroy the best thing either of them has ever found?


“So you gonna tell me who’s got you all starry-eyed and picking up your phone every three seconds?”

Ryan whipped his head back around to stare at his brother.

“Close your mouth, Ryan. You’ll catch flies. So did you finally get into the pants of the woman next door?”

He felt his face heat and knew he was blushing. Something he hadn’t done since he was a pre-pubescent schoolboy. Ryan turned away, for once in his life he didn’t want to brag about his sex life. Not even to his brother.

“Wow. You aren’t gonna spill the beans?”

Turning back to Brett, he tried to smile and make the whole thing seem like no big deal even if he felt it was. “Not yet. Didn’t get very far, but it looks promising,” he lied.

“I bet she’s hot in the sack.”

Ryan ground his teeth together and clenched his fists. He would not punch his brother in the face for his crude observation, even if it was true. Claire was hot in bed—and in the kitchen—but Brett would never hear that from Ryan’s lips, and he certainly wouldn’t be finding out on his own.

“Knock it off. There’s nothing to tell, and you shouldn’t talk about Claire like that.”

“Well, well, well. Has little brother gone and fallen for the woman next door?”

“Don’t be stupid, Brett.” Ryan took a step closer to his brother.

Brett held his hands up. “Wow, calm down. I’m just mucking around.”

Ryan relaxed, his fists unclenching. “Sorry, guess I’m a little tired from all the extra hours we’ve put in with the delay in construction.”

“No worries, Ryan. I know how crabby you get when you aren’t getting any.” Brett grinned and ducked as Ryan threw a punch at him. “Still not quick enough to get me, little brother.”

Ryan’s stomach shook with the laughter he tried not to let out. His brother always seemed to defuse any fight they had. They’d never really come to serious blows in their entire lives, and at twenty-nine and thirty-five it didn’t look like they ever would.

“Nah, just didn’t want to put the old man in the hospital.” Ryan grinned, the old, well-used banter between them settling his agitated nerves.

Brett’s laughter drew the attention of some of the men, and he slung an arm around Ryan’s shoulders, pulled him in close, and bumped his hat off to ruffle his hair. “You young whippersnapper, you.”

Ryan pulled free of Brett’s grip and gave him a shove before stooping to pick up his headgear. “Knock it off. You’re just jealous I can still pull women while they’re all passing you by in favor of us younger more strapping blokes.” Ryan puffed his chest out and flexed his arms.

Doubled over with laughter, Brett couldn’t answer him. Ryan smiled and turned to go back to the office. Before he could stop himself, he pulled his phone from his pocket and checked the display.

“Just ring her, you douche bag,” Brett called out from behind him.

Groaning, Ryan climbed the stairs to the office and entered the relative privacy of the small metal box. Throwing his butt into his chair, he began scrolling through his address book to find the number he’d looked up earlier today. He hit call and brought the device to his ear just as the line connected and began to ring.


Rhian Cahill


Lingerie or Underwear?


come on, how cute is this?

I recently went out with some friends and we were discussing among other things, lingerie… or underwear. A couple of the women mentioned that they didn’t wear lingerie, only underwear. I had to ask for clarification. Isn’t lingerie and underwear virtually the same thing? But no. There seems to be an assumption that lingerie is inherently sexy, even kinky and/or slutty, whereas underwear is functional. Why is this? Because the word has that whole French inflection going on? We all know the French have a reputation *snigger*. Great lovers and all that. Many, MANY years ago when I was in France I have to say….

Oh, but perhaps that’s not for a public forum *wink*.

I had to put it out there—can’t undergarments (let’s call use that term inclusively) be both sexy AND functional? The consensus seemed to be no. And yet… I really don’t see why not. Turns out I wear what others describe as ‘lingerie’ every day. What a naughty tart I am. I’m not walking around in leather bustiers, mind. But I like pretty pants and bras. I like to be lifted and separated with a pretty bow on top. I’m a tactile person I guess, I like the feel of silk and lace and satin against my skin, and I don’t see why I can’t have that and still be comfortable. In fact that is comfort to me.

So to ask a very personal question… what about you? Are you on team lingerie or team underwear?


WINNER: Maggie Nash contest

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You have been selected, using a random number generator, as the winner of Maggie’s contest.

Your prize?

A PDF ebook version of her novella from the SUMMER SPECTACLES anthology, ILLUMINATIONS.


I’ll be in touch to organize your prize.


Welcome…Maggie Nash


One thing I learned quickly when I sold my first book, was that romance writers are an incredibly generous group of people. There was not one person I approached, looking for guidance and advice, who was not happy to share their valuable experience with me and point me in the right direction. But of all these amazing people, there was no one more generous and giving of her time than Maggie Nash.

This woman quite literally took me under her wing and guided me through the unknown world of e-book publishing. She held my hand the entire way, helping me with Yahoo groups, blogs, review sites and publishers. She was the person I turned to in times of need, and never once did she fail me. Without Maggie, I fear I would never have found my feet in this world. I guess you can understand why Mags will always have both a special place in my heart and my undying gratitude.

So when I say it gives me great pleasure to welcome her to the Down Under Divas today, know how much I mean that!

I put together a few questions for Mags, to help you get to know her a little bit better.


1)    How did you start writing erotic romance?

I had submitted a book to a publisher, and the executive editor said she loved the premise, but could I add lots more sex. I thought about it for a few seconds and then thought “Hell yes!” and got right into it. After that I was hooked.  It’s like a drug. You just keep getting hotter because it’s never enough LOL

2)    You were an author at Triskelion Publishing when it notoriously closed it’s doors, shocking the e-publishing world. How did this effect you?

It was a horrible time for a lot of authors. I think the main thing was a big kick in the guts of my confidence as a writer, and my confidence in people in general. I questioned whether or not anyone would want to buy my books again.  It was about a year before I had a book available after that, and that was a re-release.  It did teach me some valuable lessons about publishing and what to look for. I am also more assertive in what I want, although I am really lucky with my current publisher, Total-e-bound. A more ethical, supportive and hard working company you will never find.

3) Tell us about your genre/s of choice

I write contemporary erotica including BDSM, erotic thrillers and have recently ventured into Victorian historical erotic romances. I’m also writing an alternate reality thriller with paranormal elements and a fantasy based on Greek Mythology.  Okay, I like variety.

4)   Are your books all set in Australia?

All of my contemporary stories are set in Australia, but the historicals are set in Victorian London.

5)   Rumor has it you have a brand new book releasing soon. Can you confirm those rumors? In detail?

Yes, and I’m really excited as it is my first ever print release!  It is an anthology with the theme of Voyeurism and the title of the anthology is “Summer Spectacles”. My story is called “Illuminations” and the ebook version was released a couple of months ago. It’s my first foray into erotic historical romance, and revolves around a house in London where those with money can go to fulfill their sexual fantasies. The heroine is Gemma, who is a scullery maid, and the heroes (yes there are 2 of them!) are Darius and Jamie, who are learning how to pleasure women. They catch Gemma in the act of watching one of their scenes with a client, so decide to punish her by making her one of their lesson subjects. Phew, I get hot thinking about this. The boys are really good at what they do – especially Darius!  The book is available on Sept 26 from the following link:


6) Where can we buy your books ?

You can find all of my books at Total-e-bound.  Here is the link to my author page there: http://www.total-bound.com/authordetail.asp?A_ID=88

Okey doke, now to the fun part …

1)    If you were told that for some reason you had to desert your house, you had to get out in five minutes, and you had only five items to salvage, what five items would those be?

Easy. My laptop, my Kindle, my iPhone, PJs, and my wallet J

2)    Chocolate cake or custard donut?

I have to choose? Can’t I have both?

3)    Rare fillet and roast potatoes or fish and chips?

Rare fillet and roast potatoes!

4)    Tea or coffee?

Coffee all the way baby!

5)    Tea or scotch?

Depends on the time of day. Morning tea, evening scotch!

6)    Scotch or wine?

Wine, preferably Moscato!

7)    Wine or beer?

Definitely wine. Not a beer person at all. Eeewww!

8)    Manicure or pedicure

Since I have no fingernails, that would have to be pedicure. Besides, who can resist a good foot massage?

9)    Men or women? 😉

LOL.  Definitely men. I have always had more male friends than female friends, and well…women can be so, you know.  That “B” word! LOL

Okay, now someone is holding a gun to your head. He names two people, and of those two people you have to sleep with one of them. And no, he doesn’t mean sleep. He means do the dirty. Very dirty. Who do you choose?

1)    Kevin Rudd or Julia Gillard

Kevin 07.  I’m a sucker for a nerd.

2)    Hamish or Andy

Andy for sure!

3)    Mark Holden or Dicko

Mark Holden, my rose carrying hero from my childhood!

4)    Brian McFadden or Ronan Keating

Ronan baby.  When he sings, he sings to me!

5)    Lexxie Couper or Rhian Cahill (Oops, how did that get in there?)

LOL I’m leaving that one. I mean, how could I choose! LOL.

6)    Bill or Eric. (Yes, I am talking about True Blood.)

Eric. Just because.

7)    George Bush or Bill Clinton

Bill Clinton! He’s had a lot of practice!

8)    Bill Clinton or Hilary Clinton

Bill. See above!

9)    Brad Pitt or Hugh Jackman

Hugh, no Brad. No Hugh. Brad. Crap…HUGH!

Okay, the same guy with the gun tells you that you have to have a threesome with two other people. They can be anyone at all. Who do you choose? And why?

A threesome. Oh wow…I always wanted to try that! Let me see. Hmmm. I think the best ménages contain partners who have completely different styles and personalities, but complement each other. So that leads me to think my perfect ménage partners would be Don Draper (Jon Hamm) from Mad Men, because he is arrogant, but uber confident in what he does, with that aggressive streak that is so sexy and dangerous, and then to complement him I need someone who is sweet and caring and really, really gorgeous.  That would be Hugh Jackman as himself. Yes. Yes. YES! Oh God. I think I just came.

And that note is as good as any to end the interview…don’t you think?



Mags has been kind enough to offer a download of Illuminations, her book from the print anthology, Summer Spectacles.

For your chance to win this ebook, simply leave a comment, either responding to something Mags has said, or tell us about your favorite genre of romance.

Thanx Mags, for joining us today!


Not a Romantic Weekend


I’m going to the Brisbane Writer’s Festival tomorrow and have signed up to do a 3 hour workshop on how to write a thriller. Yes, a thriller. I’m not actually planning to write one anytime soon but I do have an idea lurking in my subconscious that would suit the genre, just as I have a paranormal swirling around and a futuristic and a science fiction and a women’s fiction drama. Full of ideas me, and I’m sure I’ll never get time to put them all down but I love toying with the possibilities.

So tomorrow I thought I’d change things up by doing the thriller workshop, in much the same way as I seek variety in my reading material occasionally. I am of course a huge romance fan, and most of what I read is romance. But when I want a change of pace I tend to go for thrillers or mysteries, books by Tami Hoag or Nelson De Mille (whose ex NYPD anti-terrorist task force member character, John Corey, provides me with many thrills, spills and laughs), or the Sue Grafton alphabet mystery series. I enjoy all sorts of non-romance novels, which made me wonder what other romance fans read when they don’t reach for a romance.

So… what do you read when you don’t read a romance?


Three Of A Kind


If you haven’t already seen it, I received the cover for Three of A Kind , the print anthology of Raising the Stakes and Full House

*Sigh* I love it.

Know what I love most about it? Just how well it fits in with the ebook covers.

Check out these gorgeous trips…

Three of a Kind: The Blurb

Know when to hold ’em…

Raising The Stakes
Des could kick himself for introducing his best friend Megan to his poker buddy, Alex. The perfect woman was by his side all this time! Her innocent prodding about why he’s suddenly so distant only increases his hunger for her. Then she gets one step too close—and his self-restraint snaps.

Megan had given up waiting for Des to notice she loves him. Now, God help her, she wants both him and Alex. It may sound greedy, but she has a wildly sexy proposition for her two men…and she hopes they agree to play by her rules.

Full House

It took a six-week business trip to make Max realize he’s ready to take the next step with his lover. Except when he gets to Trev’s place, there’s someone living in the spare room. A woman with the face of an angel.

Trev wants more than a standing Friday-night “date” with Max. He also knows he’s falling hard for Grace. But Grace is poised to run. While Trev is vibrating with lust for the delicious possibilities, he has his hands full trying to hold the two loves of his life together…before they both slip through his fingers.

Warning: If you’re looking for a cool game of poker, you won’t find it here. There’s sex. Lots of sex. Hot sex, sweaty sex, gay sex, straight sex, ménage sex. Oh, and romantic sex. Lots of romantic sex. Hot romantic sex, sweaty romantic sex…you getting the picture?

Three of A Kind releases on the 5th of June 2012.


Naked Jake Gyllenhaal Alert!


Yeah, I know it has nothing to do with Tropical Sin releasing yesterday, but I figure I’ve hit you about the head enough with my latest release. So instead, enjoy some very fine naked flesh…

If you are interested, you can pick up a copy of Tropical Sin here 😉

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