A quick Internet search gleaned the information that Father’s Day is not celebrated at the same time in the UK, US or Canada as it is in Australia. Our Dad’s Day is tomorrow, the first Sunday in September. In honour of tomorrow, I thought I’d share a funny story of how my Princess sees her father.

Once upon a time, Princess asked me why Daddy had hair on his legs and I didn’t, and why I had hair on my head but he didn’t. I explained about the conventions of leg shaving and how a good percentage of men lose their hair as they get older. Princess took this under advisement, then suddenly piped up with this: “I know! All Daddy’s hair must have fallen off his head and landed on his arms and legs!”

This from the girl who also recently described my reading material as a book “where the mummy and daddy are kissing on the front, but the daddy’s not wearing a shirt.”

She’s so clever sometimes, it’s scary.

Happy Father’s Day to those in Oz for tomorrow!