I’m going to the Brisbane Writer’s Festival tomorrow and have signed up to do a 3 hour workshop on how to write a thriller. Yes, a thriller. I’m not actually planning to write one anytime soon but I do have an idea lurking in my subconscious that would suit the genre, just as I have a paranormal swirling around and a futuristic and a science fiction and a women’s fiction drama. Full of ideas me, and I’m sure I’ll never get time to put them all down but I love toying with the possibilities.

So tomorrow I thought I’d change things up by doing the thriller workshop, in much the same way as I seek variety in my reading material occasionally. I am of course a huge romance fan, and most of what I read is romance. But when I want a change of pace I tend to go for thrillers or mysteries, books by Tami Hoag or Nelson De Mille (whose ex NYPD anti-terrorist task force member character, John Corey, provides me with many thrills, spills and laughs), or the Sue Grafton alphabet mystery series. I enjoy all sorts of non-romance novels, which made me wonder what other romance fans read when they don’t reach for a romance.

So… what do you read when you don’t read a romance?