One thing I learned quickly when I sold my first book, was that romance writers are an incredibly generous group of people. There was not one person I approached, looking for guidance and advice, who was not happy to share their valuable experience with me and point me in the right direction. But of all these amazing people, there was no one more generous and giving of her time than Maggie Nash.

This woman quite literally took me under her wing and guided me through the unknown world of e-book publishing. She held my hand the entire way, helping me with Yahoo groups, blogs, review sites and publishers. She was the person I turned to in times of need, and never once did she fail me. Without Maggie, I fear I would never have found my feet in this world. I guess you can understand why Mags will always have both a special place in my heart and my undying gratitude.

So when I say it gives me great pleasure to welcome her to the Down Under Divas today, know how much I mean that!

I put together a few questions for Mags, to help you get to know her a little bit better.


1)    How did you start writing erotic romance?

I had submitted a book to a publisher, and the executive editor said she loved the premise, but could I add lots more sex. I thought about it for a few seconds and then thought “Hell yes!” and got right into it. After that I was hooked.  It’s like a drug. You just keep getting hotter because it’s never enough LOL

2)    You were an author at Triskelion Publishing when it notoriously closed it’s doors, shocking the e-publishing world. How did this effect you?

It was a horrible time for a lot of authors. I think the main thing was a big kick in the guts of my confidence as a writer, and my confidence in people in general. I questioned whether or not anyone would want to buy my books again.  It was about a year before I had a book available after that, and that was a re-release.  It did teach me some valuable lessons about publishing and what to look for. I am also more assertive in what I want, although I am really lucky with my current publisher, Total-e-bound. A more ethical, supportive and hard working company you will never find.

3) Tell us about your genre/s of choice

I write contemporary erotica including BDSM, erotic thrillers and have recently ventured into Victorian historical erotic romances. I’m also writing an alternate reality thriller with paranormal elements and a fantasy based on Greek Mythology.  Okay, I like variety.

4)   Are your books all set in Australia?

All of my contemporary stories are set in Australia, but the historicals are set in Victorian London.

5)   Rumor has it you have a brand new book releasing soon. Can you confirm those rumors? In detail?

Yes, and I’m really excited as it is my first ever print release!  It is an anthology with the theme of Voyeurism and the title of the anthology is “Summer Spectacles”. My story is called “Illuminations” and the ebook version was released a couple of months ago. It’s my first foray into erotic historical romance, and revolves around a house in London where those with money can go to fulfill their sexual fantasies. The heroine is Gemma, who is a scullery maid, and the heroes (yes there are 2 of them!) are Darius and Jamie, who are learning how to pleasure women. They catch Gemma in the act of watching one of their scenes with a client, so decide to punish her by making her one of their lesson subjects. Phew, I get hot thinking about this. The boys are really good at what they do – especially Darius!  The book is available on Sept 26 from the following link:

6) Where can we buy your books ?

You can find all of my books at Total-e-bound.  Here is the link to my author page there:

Okey doke, now to the fun part …

1)    If you were told that for some reason you had to desert your house, you had to get out in five minutes, and you had only five items to salvage, what five items would those be?

Easy. My laptop, my Kindle, my iPhone, PJs, and my wallet J

2)    Chocolate cake or custard donut?

I have to choose? Can’t I have both?

3)    Rare fillet and roast potatoes or fish and chips?

Rare fillet and roast potatoes!

4)    Tea or coffee?

Coffee all the way baby!

5)    Tea or scotch?

Depends on the time of day. Morning tea, evening scotch!

6)    Scotch or wine?

Wine, preferably Moscato!

7)    Wine or beer?

Definitely wine. Not a beer person at all. Eeewww!

8)    Manicure or pedicure

Since I have no fingernails, that would have to be pedicure. Besides, who can resist a good foot massage?

9)    Men or women? 😉

LOL.  Definitely men. I have always had more male friends than female friends, and well…women can be so, you know.  That “B” word! LOL

Okay, now someone is holding a gun to your head. He names two people, and of those two people you have to sleep with one of them. And no, he doesn’t mean sleep. He means do the dirty. Very dirty. Who do you choose?

1)    Kevin Rudd or Julia Gillard

Kevin 07.  I’m a sucker for a nerd.

2)    Hamish or Andy

Andy for sure!

3)    Mark Holden or Dicko

Mark Holden, my rose carrying hero from my childhood!

4)    Brian McFadden or Ronan Keating

Ronan baby.  When he sings, he sings to me!

5)    Lexxie Couper or Rhian Cahill (Oops, how did that get in there?)

LOL I’m leaving that one. I mean, how could I choose! LOL.

6)    Bill or Eric. (Yes, I am talking about True Blood.)

Eric. Just because.

7)    George Bush or Bill Clinton

Bill Clinton! He’s had a lot of practice!

8)    Bill Clinton or Hilary Clinton

Bill. See above!

9)    Brad Pitt or Hugh Jackman

Hugh, no Brad. No Hugh. Brad. Crap…HUGH!

Okay, the same guy with the gun tells you that you have to have a threesome with two other people. They can be anyone at all. Who do you choose? And why?

A threesome. Oh wow…I always wanted to try that! Let me see. Hmmm. I think the best ménages contain partners who have completely different styles and personalities, but complement each other. So that leads me to think my perfect ménage partners would be Don Draper (Jon Hamm) from Mad Men, because he is arrogant, but uber confident in what he does, with that aggressive streak that is so sexy and dangerous, and then to complement him I need someone who is sweet and caring and really, really gorgeous.  That would be Hugh Jackman as himself. Yes. Yes. YES! Oh God. I think I just came.

And that note is as good as any to end the interview…don’t you think?



Mags has been kind enough to offer a download of Illuminations, her book from the print anthology, Summer Spectacles.

For your chance to win this ebook, simply leave a comment, either responding to something Mags has said, or tell us about your favorite genre of romance.

Thanx Mags, for joining us today!