come on, how cute is this?

I recently went out with some friends and we were discussing among other things, lingerie… or underwear. A couple of the women mentioned that they didn’t wear lingerie, only underwear. I had to ask for clarification. Isn’t lingerie and underwear virtually the same thing? But no. There seems to be an assumption that lingerie is inherently sexy, even kinky and/or slutty, whereas underwear is functional. Why is this? Because the word has that whole French inflection going on? We all know the French have a reputation *snigger*. Great lovers and all that. Many, MANY years ago when I was in France I have to say….

Oh, but perhaps that’s not for a public forum *wink*.

I had to put it out there—can’t undergarments (let’s call use that term inclusively) be both sexy AND functional? The consensus seemed to be no. And yet… I really don’t see why not. Turns out I wear what others describe as ‘lingerie’ every day. What a naughty tart I am. I’m not walking around in leather bustiers, mind. But I like pretty pants and bras. I like to be lifted and separated with a pretty bow on top. I’m a tactile person I guess, I like the feel of silk and lace and satin against my skin, and I don’t see why I can’t have that and still be comfortable. In fact that is comfort to me.

So to ask a very personal question… what about you? Are you on team lingerie or team underwear?