With the release off Island Idyll today, I got to thinking about the island holidays I’ve had, and how, no matter what your reason for travelling to an island, or who you’re traveling with, there’s always something exquisitely romantic and beautiful about a tropical island.

I’ve been to three different ones.

My first trip was with a friend, on a backpacker’s budget, to Madagascar.

Madagascar is an unbelievable island in itself, with a fortune to see and do. And one of the things we chose to do there was spend a week on the tiny island of Nosie Sainte Marie. We stayed in a backpacker’s budget hotel – and we got exactly what we paid for.  The rooms were simple and the food the same. The beaches were beautiful and the only means of transport – bicycles. There were some cars, but very, very few.

I looked for some photos of the hotel we stayed in, but the only ones I could find belonged to such an old website, I had no idea how to embed the images onto WordPress.

Here are a couple tho of the island itself:

Nosy Sainte Marie

The next trip I went on, not three weeks later, could not have been more different. I went with the company I worked with at the time on conference to Mauritius.

This was not a budget holiday. This was a no-expense-spared splurge, and Oh My God! It was unbelieveable. Luxurious  Beautiful. Mauritus is everything you imagine a tropical island to be and more. It is, quite simply, paradise on earth.

I would have loved to go there with a significant other, but I had tons of fun with work friends, and quite honestly, a lot of that Mauritius trip and the things I saw there went into Island Idyll. This is the hotel we stayed at in Mauritius. It’s called

Shandrani Resort

My third island holiday came a couple years later. And this one was perfect. This island I visited with my significant other (who later became my hubby.)

We went to the Comoros, which at the time was a perfect island destination for South Africans. It was close by, and it was affordable, and the hotel was really pretty nice. This is what the beaches at the hotel, Le Galawa, looked like when we visited.

However, when I tried to find current pics of the resort on the net, I was shocked to find only dilapidated old buildings and overgrown lawns. Apparently the hotel has lain empty and neglected for years.

But look at the color of the sand. Gorgeous, no?

Island Idyll is set on the fictional Bilby Island, just off the coast of Queensland.

The resort, Bandicoot Cove, is far more luxurious and upmarket than Shandrani, and the sand whiter than Le Galawa beach. It will NEVER be a backpacker’s destination. 😉

It is, in essence, the ideal tropical island destination.

And now, you can visit it too, simply by reading the four books in the Bandicoot Cove Anthology:

Exotic Indulgence, Paradise Found, Tropical Sin and Island Idyll.

Island Idyll: The blurb

Adolescent fantasies can grow into very adult realities.

Bandicoot Cove, Book 4

Sienna James has come to Bandicoot Cove to mourn the end of her eight-year relationship with Ben Cowley. The last person she expects to meet is the star of every one of her high school fantasies.

Joshua Lye is not only as appealing as he was in high school, he reveals she was the main feature in his adolescent wet dreams. As kids they never got it together. But they’re adults now, and there’s nothing keeping them apart.

When Ben arrives at the resort determined to win Sienna back, finding another man in her bed kind of throws a spanner in the works. But he isn’t deterred. Rather than admit defeat, he comes up with an alternative plan: Let Sienna sleep with both men—at the same time. Then she can make an informed decision as to which man she wants.

Sienna shouldn’t want to go through with this shockingly sexy plan, but she does. Desperately. Except after the sexual storm passes, she could have it all…or be left holding an empty heart.

Product Warnings: Contains a suggestion beyond risqué, a solution beyond orgasmic, and two men who know how to play dirty. Really, really dirty.
Island Idyll is available now at Samhain Publishing, or at your favorite online store.

Happy reading!