Thank Goodness for Feminism


I’ve been rounding up a few nostalgic things of late. Here’s a few that make me glad my foremothers fought for our rights to better Christmas presents




All I can say is if my hubby gets me a hoover for Christmas, I will not be a happy camper (unless I’m on those magic pep pills that make so much more malleable)

Have a great–and peppy–weekend


My new least favorite pastime


I have a new least favorite pastime. One I never dreamed I’d have to…indulge in. (Can you see me turning green at the very thought?)
But since DH took that trip off his ripstick (skateboard) and shattered his leg, well, I have been given the very dubious task of nursing him back to health.
Ok, maybe not nursing really. But here’s a hint of what I have to do:

Any guesses? Anyone?

Yep, I am now officially responsible for injecting the man I love twice a day. Complications from flying, surgery and immobility have given him a DVT (deep vein thrombosis), and while I’ve been assured it’s easily treatable and was picked up early, I’m still lumped with the task of pricking the man morning and night with blood thinners.

Charming, right?

It’s especially charming when I happen to glance at his face while I’m doing it, and his grimace is almost as bad as the one he wore minutes after breaking his leg. Or when he lets out a muffled “Aargh” as the needle goes in. And you wanna know what’s even worse? The more injections I give him, the more easily he bruises. So right now, he has a lovely line (semi circle) of bruises from one side of his lower stomach to the other.

And now I’m sure you’re gonna ask why on earth I am sharing these gory details with you, because we all know… No one wants to hear about needles and injections. Ever.

Well, dear friends. It’s because I’m selfish. I don’t like suffering in silence. If I have to do something I hate, well, then you have to hear about it.

So now I ask you (if you’ve actually hung around long enough to read this entire blog – which BTW, I never would have) if any of you have a least favorite pastime? Or if any of you have been lumped with hurting someone you love all in the name of medical care? Because if you have, you have my undying admiration and sympathy.

*Big, dramatic, heavy, histrionic sigh*


Tuesday Teaser


I cannot believe we’re in the final few days of October. I swear it was April just yesterday! In the last few days I’ve looked at what I’ve done this year and decided I really need to lift my game. I haven’t produced anywhere near the number of words I’d wanted. *sigh* Guess I better get to it then. Before I go I’ll leave you with a tease of my current wip. As usual it’s unedited but enjoy anyway. 😉


With a swing of her arm, Sunni slammed the front door behind her. The force sent a gust of hot air down the hallway, lifting the hem of her dress.

“Stupid fucking prick!” Sunni pushed her skirt down with one hand and threw her purse and keys in the general direction of the side table with the other. “Fucking bastard.”

“Hey, Sunshine, date not go so well?”

Fuck! What the hell was Rand doing home? He and Z were supposed to be out tonight. Dammit, she’d wanted to lick her wounds in peace and quiet. Alone. Maybe she could ignore him and slink off to her—.

“No point avoiding me. I’ll just come out there and fetch you,” Rand called out from the living room.

With a sigh, Sunni kicked off her high heels and cursed herself a fool for going to so much trouble with her outfit. “Fucking rat bastard!”

“What was that?” Rand yelled.

Shit! She wasn’t going to be able to hide. Rand would follow through on his threat to come get her if she didn’t show her face and making a run for her bedroom wouldn’t help. He’d just come and bash on the door then pick the flimsy lock to get in. It wouldn’t be the first time he or Z had picked a locked door. That was the problem with sharing a house with your two best friends. There was no privacy.


“Stop calling me that!” Sunni stomped down the hall. Her bare feet made little impact against the hard tile surface but it was worth the effort just for the release of frustrated energy.

“Uh oh. The date was that bad?”




Disney…Messed Up, Perverted and Gloriously Wicked.

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1/ Disney Does Mean Girls

How awesome is this clip? How sad is it that Lindsey Lohan never made anything as awesome as this again (and by this I mean the original Mean Girls. Such a wasted talent. But damn, how awesome is this??

2/ Walt Disney Present Sin City

Good golly molly, I love this. I mean, I love the movie Sin City, but I would pay big time to see the entire movie remade like this trailer. Good money. Really good money…

3/ Donald Duck Says F*ck You

See? He really did! From this point onward I’m blaming Donald for my foul language.

4/ Disney and the Deathly Hallows

This makes me want to do two things: watch Harry Potter from movie one, and watch the funky, mythology-ignoring Hercules. Yeah, I’m so easy to influence…

5/ Easy A Via Disney

And now I have to watch Easy A. I’m never going to get a word written on my latest WIP at this rate….*sigh*

Another one bites the dust


I am one of the many authors who lived through the Triskelion debacle.

Nor sure what that is?

Well, a few years back, one of the big players in the e-publishing romance game was Triskelion Publishing. They published my first book, Photo Opportunity, and then another book, Visiting Paradise. Fortunately for me, they argued about contracts and payments for Ask Adam, and I was forced to shop that book around, happily finding a home for it at Samhain.

Fortunately, you ask?

Yep. Fortunately. Just a couple months after signing with Samhain, Triskelion Publishing went bankrupt – in a spectacular fashion. The publisher herself did a grand job of screwing each and everyone of the authors.

I try not to speak badly about anyone in the industry, but honestly, this publisher had every Triskelion author tied up for months, maybe even a year, in the bankruptcy debacle. Rights to books were lost in the pits of hell, and some authors opted to leave the industry altogether as a result.

I was lucky. I had Samhain to support me and hold me up, and even luckier, because just days before Triskelion died its ugly death, I received the rights back to Photo Opportunity, and Samhain promptly contracted it.

Visiting Paradise was not so lucky. It was one of those books caught in the Triskelion nightmare. And it was only a year or more later when I finally, finally, finally received rights to that book back.

As the book was part of an anthology called Boys Down Under, the five authors of the anthology jointly decided to contract the antho to Aspen Mountain Press. We thought this would be a fantastic route to take, as the publisher of AMP was an author herself, and she had lived through the Triskelion debacle.

We knew we could trust her. We knew she would not let us down. She knew what it was like to be an author at a collapsing company.

Which is why, almost three years later, I’m pretty sure you can understand my horror as I watch Aspen Mountain Press die a hideous death. As I watch a woman I believed I could rely on and trust, refuse to pay authors royalties, send out statements or return rights to authors who are pleading for their books back.

I haven’t spoken much about this, waiting to see how the crisis played itself out, waiting to see how the publisher would react under pressure. Unfortunately, I’m still waiting. And now, without any warning or notice, I see that Visiting Paradise and the anthology it was part of, Boys Down Under, had disappeared from some third party retailers on the internet. The Aspen Mountain Press site is also down, with no indication as to whether it will go back up again.

Do I want it to go back up? Er, no. Not if it means Visiting Paradise, once again gets lost in the debacle of a publisher closing down. Not if it means the book continues to sell, and I continue to not receive royalties. And ya know what? I’m one of the lucky ones. I have only one book at AMP, and mostly I have received royalties. (Mostly, not always.) But there are a very lot of authors out there desperately watching their life’s work getting caught up in the hell of unreturned rights. Authors who contracted all their stories to AMP, and now cannot recontract them with other publishers or rely on AMP to pay them royalties.

Right now AMP are in breach of contract. They have not paid authors, they are not selling books. End of story. But until the publisher actively returns rights, our hands are tied for a very long time, unless we are willing to hire a lawyer and cover the costs of a legal battle.

So for now I sit back and watch in despair as a woman we thought we could trust, a woman we relied on, not only let us down, but continues to disappoint us day after day.

Hopefully one day she will come to her senses and release all of the AMP authors from their contracts. Until that day we can only sit and hope.


The Sexy Dragon Contest WINNER


By the power of Random.org, the winner of an ecopy of Ty the Sexy Dragon AND an ebook of their choice from my backlist is….

Random Integer Generator

Here are your random numbers:


Timestamp: 2011-10-19 12:00:08 UTC

Joanne B
Oct 18, 2011 @ 04:17:42 [Edit]

Spaceport:Captured Rapture is your previously published dragon book. I agree with Cathy M- Dragos from Thea Harrison’s Elder series, is my favorite dragon right now.


Congrats, Joanne. Email which other Lexxie Couper ebook you’d like and I’ll have both whizzing their way to you via cyber magic ASAP

Thank you everyone who came and played. I hope you all had fun thinking about your favourite dragons. I can tell you I’ve made a list of dragons I need to get to know thanks to your brilliant responses. Now, if you feel like reading something sexy and scaly and fun, may I recommend Ty the Sexy Dragon? 😉


Three Hours To Go (and my own Top Five Dragon List)

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Ty the Sexy Dragon releases in a matter of hours and I’m announcing the winner of the Sexy Dragon contest in three (damn, there are some fantastic dragon suggestions in the entry so far), so to fill in the next one hundred and eighty minutes let’s take a look at, in my opinion five of the bestest dragons out there (note: I originally posted this onver on my blog but thought all you dragon lovers here at the Divas would like to take a look *grin*)…

1/ Toothless (How to Train Your Dragon)

Utterly fearsome, totally mysterious, completely menacing…100% loveable. And everytime I watch this film (which is often, given how much my girls love it) I am reminded of my cat.

2/ Draco (Dragonheart)

Noble, romantic, witty. And he sounds like Sean Connery. Did you hear that people? Sean Connery!!!

3/ Mushu (Mulan)

Bet you weren’t expecting this little fella, were you? But seriously, he’s cute and tries so hard to do what’s right. And he rocks a wicked moustache. Oh, and comes in handy when you run out of matches while the Hun are charging down on you.

4/ Smaug (The Hobbit)

One of literature’s most important and famous dragons. The epitome of the European dragon and, without a doubt, the biggest influence on Ty’s dragon appearance.

5/ Falkor (The Never-Ending Story)

White, fluffy and he looks like a puppy. Oh, and has the potential to get really really menacing if need be. What’s not to love?

The Sexy Dragon Contest


To celebrate Ty the Sexy Dragon’s release on Wednesday, I’m throwing a little contest. It’s easy to enter and the winner will receive TWO Lexxie Couper ebooks: one, Ty the Sexy Dragon and two, the winner’s choice from my backlist.

How do you win this awesome prize?

Simple. Tell me here in the comments the title of my other already released dragon shifter book and your favourite dragon in film or literature. Come Wednesday morning one lucky commenter will win an ARC of Ty the Sexy Dragon. How’s that sound?

Ready? Go!


Going Retro


But why doctor? I came in about my broken toe.

A little while back I blogged over at my place about the return of Loveswept books, some of which have been rereleased as ebooks. In that post I mentioned my fondness for those books, as well as the Harlequin Temptations I used to devour back in the ’80s and ’90s (Harlequin Temptation changed my reading habits for life). I recently discovered that Harlequin has also established a Treasury line, e book rereleases of some ’90s classics. This has probably been around for ages but I can be completely oblivious at times. Whereas Loveswept has updated their covers for the ebook market, Harlequin hasn’t and I’ve been so enjoying going through the collection.

When I was a teenager it was well understood the seventies was a daggy decade. In the nineties we laughed at how big our hair was in 1985. Somewhere along the way, the nineties

Aye, me lusty wench, wanna see the inside of me bedchamber? Arrrrgghh

got daggy too. Still, I’d love to read some of these oldies. Some of the ’90’s romance writers remain my favs today. Shame the cover art hasn’t stood the test of time quite so well.

I’m heading off to watch the movie remake of the retro ’80s classic TV show, the A Team. I’m quite certain it will be bad, but Bradley Cooper’s in it, so I may survive the experience.

Have a great weekend,





A not so dreamy holiday?


So, there we were, the whole Dee family, having what could only be described as a perfectly dreamy holiday.

We’d taken a cruise through the Caribbean, spent days entertaining the kids at Disney World and Universal Studios, bought more Harry Potter paraphernalia than we can ever possibly carry home, walked the streets of New York from one side of Manhattan to the other, and enjoyed the company of close family we hadn’t seen for a very long time.

Then came the famous ‘ripstick’ incident.

Incident, you ask?

Yep. Incident. This is how it played out.

Dee B-I-L: My son got a ripstick for a present.

Mr Dee: (Pointing proudly to himself and beaming.) I can ripstick. I’m bloody good.

Dee B-I-L: Cool. Let’s go outside. We’ll shoot some hoops with the boys and you can show me how to ripstick.

 And off they go.

Three minutes later:

Entire Dee family and extended family: Jess!!! Come outside. Quick! JESSSSS!

I run outside. There is Mr Dee (remember him? The bloody good ripsticker?) lying on the ground, white as a sheet, his foot lying at an angle no foot should ever lie at.

Mr Dee: AARRRRGGGGHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Which is how, three days ago, we landed up in hospital, an hour outside of Toronto, and haven’t left since.

Mr Dee didn’t just fracture his leg. He broke it in 14 places. I am no doctor, radiologist or radiographer, but when I saw those X-rays, I didn’t need any of those qualifications to see just what a fine job Mr Dee had done on that ripstick.

So, here we are now, a four hour surgery later, lots and lots of drugs and pain killers being mainlined into Mr Dee, and we ain’t going anywhere.

We’ve had to cancel the rest of our trip, and are now stranded in Canada, waiting for word from the doc about when we can fly home.

At least it happened when we were with family. The kids haven’t really noticed their dad is absent. They’re too busy enjoying their cousins. And I have in-laws looking after my every need. (Which I gotta say, is really quite nice.)

It’s just poor Mr Dee who ain’t doing so well.

Doctor’s advice: Stay away from ripsticks and skateboards…for the rest of your life!



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