There’s less than a month to go before See You In My Dreams (Book 1 in the brand new Speed series) releases! Woot, I’m so excited, and yet I haven’t spoken much about this book at all.

But now that I have a brand new sparkly cover, I can’t hold back any longer. So here you a go. A little teaser from the book.

And please note – if you are not 18, DO NOT READ!

See You In My Dreams: A Teaser

Her familiar gaze trapped his, and for endless seconds they stared at each other. Just stared. The air shimmered between them. No words were spoken. They weren’t necessary. They’d talked for ages inside, formed a bond Nathan had forgotten was possible with a woman. And now, without words, the silence of their communication spoke volumes. Something special was happening between them. Something unexpected.

A million times he’d felt the connection in his dreams. In real life? Never.

In that single moment Sophie became a part of him. No matter that they led different lives, no matter that they lived worlds apart, he would never forget her. Never forget those eyes, which finally, finally had a face to go with them. Never forget the emotions she brought out in him: hope, anticipation, tenderness. Never forget how—

She licked him again, and he forgot everything. Everything except the way her glossy pink tongue looked against his straining shaft. And then his eyes rolled back into his head and he couldn’t think at all. Sophie’s mouth closed around him, sucking him deep inside. Heat, hot and wet, encased him.

Holy shit. He’d died and gone to heaven.

He caught her head in his hands, slipped the silken strands of her hair through his fingers and held on for dear life as her mouth performed tricks he’d dreamed about. She sucked and suckled, licked and nuzzled. She grazed the tip with her teeth and then drew a testicle gently between her lips before sucking his full length back into her mouth and bobbing her head up and down. She bewitched him and bewildered him, until his balls drew back into his body, his spine stiffened and the world grew black.

“Sophie…stop,” he gasped.

She didn’t.

“Soph—” Fuck. He couldn’t talk. Couldn’t think. Could only focus on her mouth. And the way the base of his spine tingled.

Her velvety cheeks tightened around him.

Lights exploded behind his eyelids, the tingles spread, fingers of electricity snaking up his spine.

He fought it off. Damn, he fought.

Didn’t help. Those lips. That tongue. Her mouth…


See You In My Dreams releases on Nov 1st, and is available now for preorder at Samhain Publishing